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Delta Sigma handrails are manufactured from grade 304 satin polished stainless steel, Sigma handrails are also available in marine and pool specifications.

nDura™ coating:

  • Removes most forms of graffiti without leaving damage or marks from graffiti or solvents.
  • Providing enhanced resistance to flame than traditional nylon coatings.
  • Contains an active ingredient which combats bacterial growth such as listeria, escherichia-coli, moulds and salmonella.
  • Properties combine to create a finish with a Buchholz hardness of 118 and a Clemen hardness of 3500 g/mm.
  • Resistant to acetone and other solvents.
  • Complies with BS 8300 with a thermal conductivity of 0.3 W/mK.

Standard product features

Stainless steel:

Grade 1.4301 (304) - Designed using SC1-P-123 (2nd edition) to achieve BS 6180.


Satin polished finish with a maximum surface roughness of Ra 0.5 micron.



  • 40 series - 38–42 mm diameter tubing, suitable for low to medium loading applications.
  • 50 series - 48–51 mm diameter tubing, suitable for medium loading applications.
  • 60 series - 60–63 mm diameter tubing, suitable for medium to high loading applications.
  • 70 series - 70–76 mm diameter tubing, suitable for high loading applications (crowd control).

NBS Specification

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45-70-70/480 Stainless steel handrails

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Delta Balustrades Ltd


+44 (0)1270 753383

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Sigma Handrail


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nDura™ protective coating

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Manufacturer details

Millbuck Way,
Sandbach, CW11 3JA
Tel +44 (0)1270 753383
Fax +44 (0)1270 753207
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