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A self-supporting, low profile barrel vault, glazed with solid or multi-wall polycarbonate, which forms an elegant low-rise arc spanning between supporting structures.

The normal geometry of the vault is for the radius to be equal to the span, although other geometries are possible. The ends can be terminated with vertical glazed screens, or can simply abut an adjoining structure.

The system has 'cascade' internal water management system.


  • Maximum wind loading to BS 6399:1: 1.5 kPa.
  • Maximum imposed loading to BS 6399:3: 0.75 kPa.
  • Safety: ACR[M]001:2005 Class B option available.
  • Thermal performance: U-values below 2.0 W/m²K available.
  • Fire rating to BS 476:7: Class '0' Tp(a).

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Maximum self-supporting span 10.0 m, no limit to length. Larger spans can be achieved with a sub-structure.

Frame – Finish:

Frames are available in mill finish, anodized, polyester powder coated or PVF2 coated: consult Xtralite for colour range and samples.

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45-25-99/410 Framed rooflights

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Low profile barrel vault


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