Dome and pyramid rooflights suitable for flat roofs up to 15º of pitch, designed to make optimum use of natural light.

Available with insulated upstands to improve thermal performance and reduce the risk of surface condensation.

Also available as dome / pyramid only to suit builders new or existing kerb.

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Standard product features

Thermal transmission (typical U-values):

  • Single skin: 5.51 W/m²K.
  • Double skin: 2.90 W/m²K.
  • Triple skin: 1.78 W/m²K.

Light transmission (based on 3 mm thick glazing):

  • Acrylic, bronze: 55%.
  • Acrylic, clear: 92%
  • Acrylic, opal diffused: 83%.
  • Polycarbonate, bronze: 46%.
  • Polycarbonate, clear: 86%.
  • Polycarbonate, opal diffused: 50%.

Fire performance:

- Acrylic:

  • BS 476-3: Class DD.
  • Thermoplastic classification (Approved Document B): Tp(b).

- Polycarbonate:

  • BS 476-2: Class AA.
  • BS 476-7: Class 1 (Class O to Building Regulations).
  • Thermoplastic classification (Approved Document B): Tp(a)


High security screwbolts are supplied as standard: once installed, the fixing cannot be removed. The bolt provides a high level of resistance to tampering or forced entry.



Available in an extensive range of sizes:

  • Square - from 400 x 400 mm to 2000 x 2000 mm.
  • Rectangular - from 400 x 900 mm to 1850 x 3050 mm.
  • Circular - from 500–2050 mm diameter.

Consult National Domelight Company for details.


- Thermadome Plus:

  • Fully enclosed, tamper-proof frame for increased security.
  • Extruded aluminium, 6063/T6 (to BS 1474).
  • Mill finish as standard, polyester powder coating available to special order.


- Alu-kerb:

  • Purpose-made to fit non-standard openings.
  • Fabricated from mill-finished aluminium in an-all-welded construction.
  • White foamed PVC-u insulating lining.
  • Adaptors, collars and flanges enable standard sized domes to be fitted where a direct size match is not available.

- Therma-kerb GRP:

Glass reinforced plastic with 10 or 20 mm integral polyurethane foam insulation (standard or special).

- Therma-kerb PVC-U:

Multi-chambered PVC-U giving robust and thermally efficient performance.


Thermoformed from either polycarbonate or acrylic sheet in a number of tints. Polycarbonate Thermadomes have minimum 3 mm glazing: acrylic, Thermadomes have minimum 3 mm outer skin, with the inner skin thickness varying with dome size.


Burglar bars: Polyester powder-coated, white.

NBS Specification

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45-25-99/410 Framed rooflights

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



National Domelight Company, trading name of IDDC Ltd


+44 (0)1276 451555

Product reference



[Dome, circular base]
[Dome, rectangular base]
[Dome, square base]
[Pyramid, rectangular base]
[Pyramid, square base]
[Trapizoidal, rectangular base]


[ ______ ]


[Manufacturer's standard (security fixings)]
[Thermadome Plus (concealed fixing / security frame)]


[Alu-kerb adaptor]
[Alu-kerb collar]
[Alu-kerb flange]
[Therma-kerb GRP 150 Special]
150 mm high, 100 mm inset.
[Therma-kerb GRP 150 Standard]
150 mm high, 150 mm inset.
[Therma-kerb GRP 300 Special]
300 mm high, 100 mm inset.
[Thermal-kerb GRP 500 Special]
500 mm high, 100 mm inset.
[Therma-kerb PVC-u 150/splayed]
150 mm high, 100 mm inset.
[Therma-kerb PVC-u 150/vertical]
150 mm high, no inset.
[Therma-kerb PVC-u 300/splayed]
300 mm high, 100 mm inset.


[ ______ ]
 - Material:
 - Configuration:
[Single skin]
[Double skin]
[Triple skin]
[Quad skin (special order)]
 - Tint:
[Opal diffused]


[Controlled louvre ventilation]
[Controlled trickle ventilation]
[Extract fan]
[Hinged rooflight, electric operation]
[Hinged rooflight, manual operation]
[Permanent trickle ventilation]


[Burglar bars]
[Linked Alu-kerb adaptors]
For installing multiple rooflights on one opening.

Manufacturer details

Pyramid House,
52 Guildford Road,
Surrey, GU18 5SD
Tel +44 (0)1276 451555
Fax +44 (0)1276 450610
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