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Types available include:

Standard Couplings (QSC): For sewerage, drainage and low pressure applications up to 1 bar, up to 620 mm diameter.

  • HepSure™ Standard Couplings are primarily used in sewer, drain and other non-pressure applications giving a leak proof seal on virtually any pipe material and diameter. The outer clamps provide a leak proof seal on any pipe material whether the surface is rough or smooth. The centre band provides shear resistance in applications where pipes are subject to earth loads. On pipes where outside diameters differ dramatically, HepSure bushes can be used to increase the diameter of the smaller pipe prior to connection with a standard coupling. Where the difference exceeds 12 mm a bush should always be used, if a suitable adaptor is not available.

Standard Couplings (QLC): For sewerage, drainage and low pressure applications up to 1 bar, manufactured to order to suit any pipe diameter from 610–2100 mm.

  • Larger HepSure™ Standard Couplings are made to order dependent on site specific requirements and will suit any pipe diameter up to 2100 mm. These are primarily used where a connection or repair needs to be effected quickly. HepSure™ couplings use multiple clamps rather than bolts on similar couplings to ensure even pressure around the entire coupling.

Adaptor Couplings (QAC): For jointing or drainage pipes of differing materials and diameters from 35–420 mm.

  • HepSure™ Adaptor Couplings were developed to accommodate vastly differing pipe diameters and materials throughout Europe. The growth of new materials in the pipe market combined with the ever increasing use of brownfield sites (which require connection to more traditional materials) means there are now more diverse diameters than ever which require connection. The couplings are sealed by two stainless steel clamping bands which clamp to the OD of either pipe whilst the elastomeric sleeve is stepped to allow optimal flow.

Drain Couplings (QFDC): For drain connections where a centre shear band is not required to provide support from earth loads, for pipe diameters from 50–275mm diameter.

  • Drain Couplings are essentially the same elastomeric sleeve as the Standard Couplings but without the added reinforcement of the central shear band. Whilst HepSure™ would always recommend the use of a standard coupling, drain couplings can be used where the joint will not be subjected to heavy earth loadings, unstable ground or trafficking. All of these could cause the joint to step if a shear band is not used.

Fabricated and Moulded Bushes (QBC): For use with Standard Couplings when jointing pipes of vastly differing outside diameters and are used to increase the diameter of the smaller pipe, for pipe diameters from 11–1499 mm diameter.

  • HepSure™ Bushes are used in conjunction with Standard Couplings where the two pipes being connected differ in diameter. The bush is effectively an elastomeric sleeve which is slipped over the smaller pipe to create a larger diameter which then allows for use of a suitable standard coupling. The majority of bushes are fabricated specially to meet site specific requirements but a smaller range of moulded products are available for more commonly found diameters.

Wraparound Couplings (QWRC): To allow repair of a pipeline without the need to remove a section, for pipe diameters from 300–2100 mm diameter.

  • HepSure™ Wraparound Couplings are designed to repair larger diameter pipes without the need to remove the damaged section of pipe. Where very localised damage has occurred or a pipe may have been cracked, HepSure™ Wraparound Couplings are the quickest and most efficient way to create a reliable watertight seal. The elastomeric strip is simply passed around the pipe, followed by the centre band and the outer clips to cover the damaged area of the pipe. The strip is held in place by a special jointing system to enable easy installation. The HepSure™ Wraparound Coupling utilises a unique jointing feature removing the need for a separate clip to hold the coupling in place.

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90-10-20/458 Flexible couplings between below ground drainage pipelines

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