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A steel framed structural stud and track system, suitable for use in construction projects where conventional blockwork might otherwise be considered. The lightweight dry system is fixed between the primary structure members and is located at the slab edge allowing insulation and external cladding to run continuously if desired. Stud sections are screw fixed via the flanges to shallow track floor sections and to deep track head sections. Lateral restraint, blocking and bracing members can be incorporated into the design. Deflection within the building structure is facilitated by a 25–35 mm gap between the stud and the head track, using a Skip-Klip head clip. A number of sill, lintel and jamb configurations are available, to suit various design details. Service slots can be incorporated to allow the passage of services into or through the stud cavity.

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Standard product features


‘F’ series.

Floor track:

40 mm deep screw fixed to top of slab.

Head track:

70 mm deep screw fixed to underside of slab.



Six lintel types are available.


Three sill types are available.


Six jamb types are available.

Bracing and blocking:

At recommended locations and frequency.

Service slots:

100 x 35 mm, 600 mm from ends where required.

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25-15-35/145 Light steel framed wall structure system

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Non-continuous Infill Walling System








[Blocking and bracing at ___ mm centres]
[Lateral restraint at ___ mm centres]

Service slots

[Not required]

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