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pro clima CONTEGA SL two ply airtightness sealing plastering tape provides a reliable airtight and vapour controlling connection between windows or doors and masonry or timber frame walls.


For air-tight sealing of interior, thermally insulated joints when fitting windows and doors. Together with pro clima CONTEGA Exo external sealing tape, it is suitable for sealing joints in masonry and timber construction in accordance with RAL recommendations. pro clima CONTEGA SL is supplied with two or three adhesive strips and can thus provides flexibility for use in masonry and timber construction.


  • Vapour retarding and airtight sealing of indoor window and door joints.
  • RAL compliant in combination with pro clima CONTEGA Exo outdoors.
  • Can be plastered over on the fleece side.
  • With two or three adhesive tapes it is very versatile in timber and masonry construction.


Technical details:

  • Material: Acrylate, which is free of solvents or softeners.
  • Temperature resistance: -40 to +90°C.
  • Roll width: 200 mm.
  • Life expectancy: 60+ years.
  • Usage: Interior.

NBS Specification

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45-75-90/307 Acrylic adhesive sealant tape

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pro clima CONTEGA SL

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