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Innovative composite window system consisting of timber, thermal foam and aluminium which provides a window solution for low energy and energy-saving houses. It has a classic square-edged and straight frame design consisting of aluminium external and timber internal components sandwiched between foam. The triple glazed panes are glued to the timber frame, ensuring strong structural characteristics and good resistance against torsion. The aluminium attachment cover is weatherproof and has an easy cleaning surface.

The triple insulating glazing SOLAR+ offers the highest degree of thermal insulation and energy efficiency. The overall energy transmission value (g value) is 20% higher than with standard triple glazing. Thus the solar energy gain also increases by 20%, providing additional heating and a contribution to climate protection.

Standard product features


  • Glued spruce and larch scantlings.
  • Mitred aluminium profiles with PVC-U and aluminium brackets, fully glued.
  • Extruded thermal foam, HCFC, HFC and FC free.

Frame construction depth:

85 mm.

Glazing thickness:

48 mm.


Triple gasket construction of EPDM and Q-LON sealing.

View width:

  • Frame/ sash: 114 mm.
  • Flying mullion (with two sashes): 134 mm.
  • Transom/ mullion (with two sashes): 173 mm.

Technical properties:

  • Thermal insulation: Up to 0.69 W/m²K.
  • Sound protection: Up to 47 dB.
  • Joint and air permeability (to DIN EN 12207): Up to category 4.
  • Impermeability against driving rain (to DIN EN 12208): Up to category 9A.
  • Wind load (to DIN EN 12210): Up to category C5.
  • Mechanical load (to prEN 12400): Up to category 4.
  • Mechanical characteristics (to DIN EN 13115): Up to category 4.



Bespoke options are available depending on the application; including one, two and three sash windows, one to six part constructions, sliding elements, angular and triangular windows. Contact manufacturer for more information.


Glazing panes are glued all around the surfaces and sealed with transparent silicone. Laminated security glass offers burglary protection through active and passive security. The splinter-free glass with a non-tearable, tough and elastic foil between the panes provides protection from injuries.

Frame colour/ finish:

  • Internal: Eleven standard colours are available for the timber components, along with special RAL and NCS colours.
  • External: Anodized, RAL, highly weather resistant structural, metallic and timber decor colours available for the aluminium components.


Features fully concealed hardware fitted on both bottom corners, ensuring a better appearance, easy cleaning and reduced air permeability from within. WK1 and WK2 provide further security.

NBS Specification

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45-25-99/320 Composite window units

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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HF 200 Timber/ Aluminium Window


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