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Outside room:

The device, with transponder cards, enables controlling entry to the rooms where it is installed externally. The transponder reader has two relays to control the door lock, a courtesy light, or for other uses; the device is moreover equipped with two inputs for connecting electrical equipment of the on/ off type (for instance to control the door open or closed switch, a magnetic contact for signalling an open or closed window, bathroom ceiling pull-cord alarm etc).On the front of the reader there are four LEDs, each of which associated with an icon for signalling the following states:

  • Access (entry allowed or entry denied).
  • Guest status (room occupied or do not disturb).
  • Call status (rescue request with bathroom ceiling pull-cord, room service call etc).
  • Services status (make-up room etc).

With pocket for inside room:

The device enables checking for presence in the room of the guest or service staff by unambiguously identifying the transporter card inserted. The reader with a pocket is equipped with two relays that can be configured for managing door locking, controlling a courtesy light, optimizing energy consumption for even more uses.

Both types of transponder reader are able to dialogue with other KNX devices.


Conforms to R&TTE Directive, EN 50090-2-2, EN 50428, EN 300 330-2 and EN 301 489-3.

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- Card reader for outside room:

  • 14457 – Plana range, white.
  • 14457.SL – Plana range, silver.
  • 16927 – Idea range, grey.
  • 16927.B – Idea range, white.
  • 20457 – Eikon range, grey.
  • 20457.B – Eikon range, white.
  • 20457.N – Eikon range, Next.

- Card reader with pocket for inside room:

  • 14453 – Plana range, white.
  • 14453.SL – Plana range, silver.
  • 16923 – Idea range, grey.
  • 16923.B – Idea range, white.
  • 20453 – Eikon range, grey.
  • 20453.B – Eikon range, white.
  • 20453.N – Eikon range, Next

Technical details:

Consult manufacturer's literature for further details.

NBS Specification

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90-75-05/350 Magnetic swipe card readers

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Transponder Card Readers


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Transponder card

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[Required, 01598]
Programmable transponder card for readers inside and outside the room, customizable back.

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