Float glass coated with high quality paint.


  • Tested to the European Standard for Reaction to Fire (EN 13501-1).
  • Aesthetically pleasing opaque glass; the coloured glass panels acquire a bright look due to the coat of varnish.
  • Environmentally-friendly paint.
  • Customized colours from 200 m².
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Available in SAFE+ version; a polypropylene film applied to the back of the glass which ensures safety.
  • Available in an antibacterial glass version.
  • May be used internally only (wall cladding, wardrobe doors and furniture).


  • Durable appearance; the back of the glass with the layer of varnish is always positioned against the surface to be covered. Positioning it in this way also preserves the colour and appearance of the glass.
  • High-quality finishing; the manufacturing process guarantees uniform finishing and the paint adheres flawlessly to the glass.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.


Consult manufacturer's literature for full performance details of all products.

FIX-IN system:

Can be used in conjunction with the AGC FIX-IN system, a range of glass bonding products for interior application, including walls, furniture, doors, displays, offices and bathrooms.

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The following colour options are available:

  • Aluminium Rich 9007.
  • Anthracite Authentic 7036.
  • Beige Classic 1014.
  • Beige Light 1015.
  • Black Classic 9005.
  • Black Starlight 0337.
  • Blue Pastel 1603.
  • Blue Petrol 5001.
  • Blue Shadow 7000.
  • Brown Dark 8017.
  • Brown Light 1236.
  • Brown Natural 7013.
  • Fuchsia 4006.
  • Green Luminous 1164.
  • Green Pastel 1604.
  • Grey Classic 7035.
  • Grey Metal 9006.
  • Orange Classic 2001.
  • Red Dark 3004.
  • Red Luminous 1586.
  • Taupe Metal 0627.
  • White Pearl 1013.
  • White Pure 9003.
  • White Soft 9010.
  • Yellow Rich 1023.

Other colours are available via MyColour by Lacobel; subject to a minimum order quantity of 200 m². Consult manufacturer for further details.

Antibacterial coating subject to minimum order quantities, please consult manufacturer.

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AGC Glass UK Ltd


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Film backing

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SAFE+ version.

Antibacterial coating

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Valiant Office Suites,
Lumonics House,
Valley Drive,
Warwickshire, CV21 1TQ
Tel +44 (0)1788 535353
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