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Flex LED is a linear luminaire that enables smooth contour lighting, even around corners. 79 LEDs per metre encapsulated in insulating PVC produce a high and uniform luminosity. Its miniaturised, flexible structure and uniform luminance makes it ideal for integration in architectural elements as well as for cove and decorative lighting. Real flexibility is ensured via different standard lengths and interconnectivity of up to 100 metres, even between different colours. The next-generation Flex LED can be custom configured on site with the help of tool-free IP44 connectors. Moreover, high impact resistance and very low consumption make it a great replacement for expensive neon lighting. Power supply units and special mounting accessories are available.

To specify:

The types of luminaries used on a project would normally be indicated on a drawing using a unique symbol where each type or function varies. Select each product reference as required and cross refer on the drawing legend.

Standard product features


  • Housing: Silicon modified PVC.
  • IP rating: IP44.


  • 79 x LED-LP/ m.
  • Power consumption: 5.7 W/ m.

NBS Specification

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90-60-50/405 General purpose luminaires

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Product reference



[BCC200 1xLED-LP/BL 220-240V II L10010]
Blue light, 10.01 m long.
[BCC200 1xLED-LP/BL 220-240V II L20020]
Blue light, 20.02 m long.
[BCC200 1xLED-LP/CW 220-240V II L10010]
Cool white light, 10.01 m long.
[BCC200 1xLED-LP/CW 220-240V II L20020]
Cool white light, 20.02 m long.


[ECC200 PSU 220-240V 1.6A CLII IP44]
Power supply unit.
[ECC200 PSU 220-240V 4A CLII IP44]
Power supply unit.
[ZCC200 C1000P-M-F]
Extension cable 1.0 m with male and female plug.
[ZCC200 CMC L1000 ALU]
Cable mounting channel, 1000 mm.
[ZCC200 CMC L2000 ALU]
Cable mounting channel, 2000 mm.
[ZCC200 CMC L50 ALU]
Cable mounting channel, 50 mm.

Manufacturer details

The Philips Centre,
Guildford Business Park,
Surrey, GU2 8XH
Tel +44 (0)1483 29 3107
Fax +44 (0)1483 575 534
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