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Sikafloor 400 N Elastic is a one component, low solvented, coloured, high elastic polyurethane coating for internal or external floors and containment tanks.

Suitable areas of application:

  • Balconies/ terraces.
  • Staircases.
  • Bund linings.
  • Storage areas.
  • Walkways.
  • Process areas.
  • Concrete and masonry containment tanks/ bunds.
  • Manufacturing process areas.
  • Roofs.


The cementitious substrate should be sound and of sufficient compressive strength (minimum 25 N/mm²) and pull off strength (minimum 1.5 N/mm²). The surfaces must be dry and free of all contaminants, e.g. oils, grease, surface treatments and coatings, etc. The substrate must be prepared mechanically to achieve an open textured fine gripping surface, free of cement laitance. Weak concrete should be removed and surface defects such as blowholes and voids must be fully exposed. All dust, loose and friable material must be completely removed, preferably by brush and vacuum, from all surfaces before application of the coating. Repairs to cementitious substrates and filling of blowholes, levelling of irregularities, etc. should be carried out using an appropriate product from the SikaDur®, Sikafloor® or SikaGard® range of materials. Prior to application, confirm substrate moisture content and RH. If >4% by weight or >75% RH, Sikafloor® EpoCem® may be applied as a DPM system.

Standard product features


Poured and spread evenly with a trowel.



  • Light wear: 1 coat Sikafloor 400 N.
  • Medium wear: 1 coat Sikafloor 400 N.
  • High wear: 1 coat Sikafloor 400 N (broadcast to excess with quartz sand).
  • With coloured flake surface design: 1 coat Sikafloor 400 N.
  • With coloured quartz surface design: 1 coat Sikafloor 400 N broadcast to excess with coloured quartz sand to suit.

Nominal thickness:

  • Light wear: 300–500 micrometres.
  • Medium wear: 0.7–1 mm.
  • High wear: 1.5–2 mm.
  • Coloured flake/ quartz design: 0.9–2 mm


Consult manufacturer for details.

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Product specification

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Sika Limited


+44 (0)1707 394444

Product reference

Sikafloor® 400 N


[Sikafloor® 156]
For medium/ high wear and coloured flake/ quartz surface design.
[Sikafloor® 400 N + 10% Thinner C]
For light wear.

Resin flooring

[ ______ ]
 - System:
[Light wear]
[Medium wear]
[High wear]
[With coloured flake design]
[With coloured quartz design]
 - Nominal thickness:
[___ micrometres]
[___ mm]
 - Colour:
[ ______ ]

Surface finish/ treatment

[Coloured flakes]
[Coloured quartz]
[One coat Sikafloor 410 Matt Seal]
[Two coats Sikafloor 410 Matt Seal]

Manufacturer details

Welwyn Garden City,
Hertfordshire, AL7 1BQ
Tel +44 (0)1707 394444
Fax +44 (0)1707 329129
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