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Disposal systems

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Our bespoke perimeter flashings and fabrications are available in a range of finishes and materials ranging from pre-coated steel to PPC aluminium to perfectly complement our standing seam system o...
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VMZINC General Recommendations
The guide outlines many of the dos and don`ts concerning the use of zinc
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VMZINC Gallery `16
The guide shows examples of the use of VMZINC roofing and cladding
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Basement Pump & Drainage Catalogue
Full details of our range of Basement Pump & Drainage products - Maximum security for your waterproofing system, protecting properties against flooding.
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Drainage Channel - Protecto-drain
A15 surface drainage channel with stainless steel grate and locking clips to secure grate to channel. Multiple channels can be connected. Connection bracket for drainpipe moulded into underside.
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Linear Drainage
This new edition of our 'Linear Drainage' brochure, superseding our July 2014 edition, has been updated with new illustrations and updates to the product range. Our product range has been e...
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Decra® Roof Systems
Decra® is ideal for all applications and locations, whether new build or refurbishment, residential or commercial, urban or rural. Over the last 50 years, Decra® tiles have been installed on over 6...
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Roofgard Outlet for Flat Roofs
One of a range of Roofgard accessories specially designed to meet the exacting standards of modern flat roofing. The high performance stainless steel Roofgard Roof Outlet is specially designed to d...
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Atra Anchors, Atra Clips, Atra tendons. Connection and pinning products for Geoweb
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