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Kitchen fittings specifically designed for accessibility e.g. adjustable-height worksurfaces, shallow sinks; for kitchen units generally see (73) Catering services and kitchen units; for sinks generally see (73.2) Culinary washing and waste disposal.
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DuPont Corian : Solid colours Pantone etc matching
This documents lists the solid colours in the DuPont Corian range, with the corresponding nearest colour reference using the Pantone, RAL, NCS, CMYK and RGB systems.
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DuPont Corian - Product Overview
This provides a technical, factual summary of DuPont Corian.
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DuPont Corian Fire Performace
This technical bulletin discusses the fire performance of DuPont Corian, based upon the various grades available and industry standard testing.
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Sublimation of DuPont Corian
The sublimation process consists of transferring images into a sheet of Corian®, so that almost like a human tattoo a permanent image is created within the surface
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DuPont Corian in Retail Environments
The incredible flexibility of DuPont Corian is shown through a number of retail type installations. From signage, through point-of-sale to food service environments.
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Granberg Kitchen Assortment - Swedish Made Height Adjustable Lift Systems - Brochure
The full height adjustable kitchen and bathroom range from Granberg. Includes rise and fall worktops, basins, wall cabinets and high-low wardrobe rails.
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Granberg Centerlift+ 970 - Kitchen Island Cabinet Lift - Brochure
The Granberg Centerlift+ 970 is a cabinet lift for kitchen island. The cabinets and worktop are installed into the frame, and the integrated motors silently move the entire system up and down to th...
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Granberg Centerlift 980/981 - Kitchen Island Lift - Brochure
The Granberg Centerlift is a motorised height adjustable kitchen island. Any worktop can be fitted to the lift to create a rise and fall kitchen unit for users of all heights, abilities and reach r...
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Granberg Verti 831 - Vertical Wall Cabinet Lift - Brochure
The Granberg VERTI is a lifting system that is installed to the inside of a kitchen wall cabinet and lowers the contents down to the user's preferred height. Quiet, strong, safe and discreet, i...
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