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The Terra Greys collection in the luxury 60 x 60 cm size provides a palette of a total of twelve shades of grey. These shades are divided into three groups cool, warm and moss grey. Each group consists of four shades of grey graduating from light to dark. With this choice of colours, Terra Greys provides a neutral base for creating interiors and exteriors with precisely the atmosphere and appearance you want. These unglazed tiles have a natural matt finish in extremely subtle nuances of colour. The ground edges of the 60 x 60 cm size mean that grouting down to 2 mm is possible.

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Mosa Terra Greys®
Range of unglazed grey ceramic tiles.
- M40 Stone/ Concrete/ Quarry/ Ceramic tiling/ Mosaic

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Mosa Design Studio London,
56-60 St John Street,
London, EC1M 4HG
Tel +44 (0)203 9363552
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