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ProRend External Insulation Finishing System, (EIFS), is a complete insulated render system for new build and renovation properties, both residential and commercial that uses two primary installation methods, adhesive and rail. With a high thermal efficiency EIFS uses a breathable render system, leaving a low maintenance watertight facade. The ProRend EIFS rail system offers a perfect solution for uneven substrates that cannot receive renders directly. The adhesive system is suited to new build and renovations onto masonry or backing boards where no cavity is required. Mineral wool or expanded polystyrene can be used as insulation, and the system can be installed on a wide range of substrates. Our technical team will work with you to specify the right insulation.


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ProRend EIFS Adhesive
External Insulation Finishing System (EFIS), adhesive-fixed.
- M21 Insulation with rendered finish
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ProRend EIFS Rail
External Insulation Finishing System (EFIS), rail-fixed.
- M21 Insulation with rendered finish

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