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Pyroguard manufactures fire resistant glass to enable architects, specifiers and installers to achieve their vision of safe and beautiful living and working spaces.

With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing fire resistant glass solutions, they have two distinct routes to market. Their cuttable, stockable products are supplied worldwide through their network of over 100 licensed partners. Their bespoke-manufactured toughened products have been installed by fabricators and contractors in thousands of successful projects.

Pyroguard exports globally and operates an extensive product development and certification programme to meet customer
needs worldwide.

Offering solutions from E30/EW30 to EI180, plus additional options to
include impact, solar, thermal and acoustic performance, they provide
the widest fire resistant glazing range available from an independent manufacturer. Their independence gives them full flexibility to meet customer needs with bespoke, high performance glazing solutions, unrestricted to specific configurations.
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Product catalogue
The new Product Catalogue guides you through the selection of fire glass, matching suitable produ...
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Technical data sheet
Smokeguard is a glass smoke barrier solution which can help to direct smoke as part of a smoke co...
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Pyroguard EI
Range of laminated glass products with silicate interlayers providing integrity and complete thermal insulation.
- H10 Patent glazing, H11 Curtain walling, L10 Windows/ Rooflights/ Screens/ Louvres, L40 General glazing
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Pyroguard EW
Range of laminated glass products with resin interlayers providing integrity and partial thermal insulation.
- L40 General glazing, L20 Doors/ shutters/ hatches, L10 Windows/ Rooflights/ Screens/ Louvres, H11 Curtain walling, H10 Patent glazing
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Pyroguard T-E
Range of toughened monolithic glass providing a fire rated performance of integrity only.
- H10 Patent glazing, H11 Curtain walling, L10 Windows/ Rooflights/ Screens/ Louvres, L40 General glazing

Image gallery

City Square Shopping Centre - Smoke barrier glass
Eden Housing Association - EI30 INT
Hot Mill School - EI30 internal & EI60 external
Oxford Academy - EI30 & EI60 internal
Oxford Academy - EI30 and EI60 internal
Silverstone - EW60

Trade names

Pyroguard EI
Pyroguard EW
Pyroguard Infinity
Pyroguard Integrity
Pyroguard Integrity Plus
Pyroguard Protect
Pyroguard Rapide
Pyroguard Rapide Plus
Pyroguard T
Pyroguard Ultra

Contact details

International House,
Millfield Lane,
Merseyside, WA11 9GA
Tel +44 (0)1942 710720
Fax +44 (0)1942 710730

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