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Cavity Trays Ltd produces a range of standard and non-standard products including insulated cavity closers, damp proofing cavity trays DPC and flashings, Radon membranes and barriers, Ventilation at floor level, through walls, roof and via the eaves. Cavity Trays Ltd is the only tray manufacturer awarded European Technical Approval.
Approved cavitrays with Agrement approval are manufactured to a quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2008. Yeovil Cavitrays have high performance categorisation and are accompanied with product liability. This benefit is offered as standard when you specify and use Cavity Trays Limited. It provides an important schedule of protection. Preformed cavity trays promote a known and reliable quality of build. Cavity Trays Limited is the only manufacturer offering systems with tray upstands that adjust to suit the actual cavity width encountered. Thus the cavitrays are always compatible, accommodating the real 'as built' cavity width rather than the 'should be' width. The range embraces pitch roof gable abutments, lean-to and flat roof abutments, changes of level, parapet walls, stopends, weep/vents, circular windows, timber frame protection, common openings, lintel protection, radon/methane membranes, vertical damp course, DPC and cavity barriers.
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Technical data sheet
The Type LTT is a product specifically designed for isolating and protecting masonry at level thr...
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Technical data sheet
Cavibrick Plastic Airbrick. High air throughput Insect screening Self draining base Range of col...
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Product catalogue
Cavity Trays Limited of Yeovil designed the original cavity tray and can boast more experience th...
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Advantage Range Unleaded Gable Abutment Trays
Preformed, unleaded, dpc cavity trays for use at pitched roof/ gable abutments.
- F30 Accessories/ sundry items for brick/ block/ stone walling
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Beak Weep
Used to evacuate water from lintels, damp courses, cavity trays etc.
- F30 Accessories/ sundry items for brick/ block/ stone walling
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Cavi 240 Type SAF Vertical Barrier
Vertical dual function cavity barrier.
- F30 Accessories/ sundry items for brick/ block/ stone walling

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Cavi60 Type SAF Horizontal Barrier
Continuity Cavity Closer Insulated
Preformed Cavity Trays Curved
Preformed Radon Perimeter Barrier Gas protection
Ridge and Hip Dry-Fix Vent System
Roof Ventilation at the Eaves

Quality Assurance

Cavity Trays Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BBA Certificate 03/0014 – 03/0014 Cavitrays Type X, Type G, Advantage and Type E, and Caviweep Type W

Trade names

Cavi60 Lofthatch

Contact details

Administration Centre,
Lufton Trading Estate,
Somerset, BA22 8HU
Tel +44 (0)1935 474769
Fax +44 (0)1935 428223