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  • Designed to satisfy Building Regulations and meets Approved Document B, BS 9999 and EN 12101.
  • Also compatible with other guidance and codes of practices, for example those issued by the British Research Establishment such as BRE 79204.
  • Electric actuation for remote opening and closing.
  • Fitted with solid, insulated covers.


Ten years.

Standard product features

ESW-50REM Smoke Vent

Performance characteristics to EN 12101-2

  • Free aerodynamic area: 1.0 m².
  • Reliability: 1000 (10,000*) *10,000 when used as a day to day ventilator.
  • Snow load: 400.
  • Low ambient temperature: -15°C.
  • Wind Load: 1500.
  • Resistance to heat: 300.


  • Cover to be reinforced to support a minimum live load of 195 kg/m² with a maximum deflection of 1/150th of the span.
  • Operation of the cover through a 24VDC battery backed control system that will open the cover to the fire open position within 60 s and be capable of closing the cover.
  • Operation of the cover not affected by temperature.
  • Entire vent will be weathertight with fully welded corner joints on cover and curb.
  • Smoke vent single leaf provides 1.0 m² clear vent area.


  • 3 mm aluminium with a 100 mm beaded flange with formed reinforcing members.
  • Cover with a heavy extruded EPDM rubber gasket that is bonded to the cover interior to ensure a continuous seal when compressed to the top surface of the curb.

Cover insulation:

  • Polyisocyanurate of 50 mm thickness with a U-value of 0.47 W/m²K.
  • Insulation fully covered and protected by an aluminium liner.

Wind deflectors:

Wind deflectors 4 mm aluminium with 3 mm EPDM gasket.

Operating mechanism:

A single linear actuator mounted on a pivoting carriage capable of opening the cover to the fire open position of 140º (note – roof obstructions should be considered).


  • Heavy pintle hinges provided.
  • Curb mounted junction box with a terminal block enclosed for power cable connection.


Factory finish mill finish aluminium.



  • 305 mm in height and of 3 mm aluminium.
  • The curb formed with a 114 mm flange with 11 mm holes provided for securing to the roof deck.
  • The curb equipped with an integral metal capflashing of 2 mm aluminium, fully welded at the corners, that features the Bil-Clip® flashing system, including stamped tabs, 153 mm on centre, to be bent inward to hold single ply roofing membrane securely in place.

Curb insulation:

Polyisocyanurate of 50 mm thickness with a U-value of 0.47 W/m²K.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS clauses:

Product specification

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Bilco UK Ltd


+44 (0)1284 701696

Product reference

1260 mm x 1260 mm, 1488 mm x 1488 mm. 140 kg, 1.0 m2.
1260 mm x 1260 mm, 1488 mm x 1488 mm. 150 kg, 1.0 m2.


[Not required]
Control Panel Kit (Control Panel, MCP, and Smoke Detector).
Smoke detector.
Auto/ Manual control switch.
Open/ Close smoke vent switch, keyed.
Open/ Close smoke vent switch, paddle.
OS2 Control Panel.
Open/ Close switch.
Weather-proof open/ close switch.
Rain sensor.
MCP with break glass.


[Curb liner]
[Flanged apron]
[Fully enclosed]

Explosion relief smoke vent

[Not required]

Manufacturer details

Park Farm Business Centre,
Fornham St Genevieve,
Bury St Edmunds,
Suffolk, IP28 6TS
Tel +44 (0)1284 701696
Fax +44 (0)1284 702531
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