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Door panels manufactured from galvanized steel sheets, bonded together with high density CFC free polyurethane foam, providing a U-value of 0.44 W/m²K with a thermal break between panels. Vertical and horizontal tracks, hinges, brackets, cappings and hardware are galvanized, with the assembled door running on adjustable galvanized roller carriers bolted to each individual panel.

The door is counterbalanced by tempered helical springs at high level, mounted on steel plates with self aligning roller bearings giving a smooth, quiet operation. Rubber seals are fitted to the top and bottom of each door and PVC seals to each side of the opening to give protection against weather. Cable tensioning devices are fitted as standard and a range of operation, track and finish options are available.

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Standard product features


610 mm deep, 40 mm thick.


Size (w x h, maximum):

6000 x 6000 mm. The maximum sizes available are dependent on the individual application and the track arrangement. For example, the maximum height available with vertical lift track arrangement is 5480 mm and the maximum width for low headroom track arrangement is 4500 mm. Consult manufacturer for more information.


- Electric:

Three phase, 415 V AC supply drive motor with emergency disconnection and hand chain or push up operation in the event of power failure. Actuation is via an up, down and stop push button station.

- Manual:

All manually operated doors are fitted with a recessed lifting handle and spring loaded shootbolt as standard.

Hand chain operation or electrical drive motors can be positioned on either the right or left hand side of the opening.


The differing options have relative headroom and internal space requirements depending on the chosen type and the height requirement of the door. Consult manufacturer's literature for more information.

NBS Specification

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45-25-28/364 Sectional overhead doorsets

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Product specification

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Product reference

Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors


[ ______ ]


[Electric, three phase]
[Manual, galvanized hand chain]
[Manual, push up/ pull down cord]

Actuation/ Safety systems

[Not applicable]
For manual operation.
[Push buttons]
[Induction loop]
[Radar detector]
[Remote controls]
[Safety interlocks]
[Safety sensors]


[White polyester primer]
Insert HP 200 colour requirement.
[Pvf 2 colorcoat]
Insert BS or RAL colour.


[Contour lift]
For fixing to internal sloping ceiling, 45° maximum.
[High lift]
For larger applications.
[High/ contour lift]
For larger applications, fixing to internal sloping ceiling, 45° maximum.
[Low headroom]
[Standard lift]
[Vertical lift]
For fixing to internal wall above door.


[Wicket door]
For pedestrian access when curtain is lowered.
[Double glazed windows]

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