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High performance, polymeric coloured DPC, available in a range of widths, and two colours.


  • A coloured, polymeric DPC material ideal for damp-proofing walls in brick, block, stonework or concrete in both solid or cavity wall constructions, and in vertical, horizontal and cavity tray positions.
  • It is resistant to compression even under the heaviest of wall loadings, as well as being very easy to handle and install.
  • The product is supported by a complete range of accessories and is compatible with the complete range of Ruberoid damp proofing products, as well as most commonly used construction materials.

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Standard product features


Nominal thickness: 1.12 mm.

Roll length: 20 m.

Nominal weight:

1.47 kg/m².

Permeability to water vapour (BS 3177):

2.0 g/m² per 24 hours.



Non-standard widths are available to order in 25 mm increments.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-25-20/340 Pitch polymer damp proof courses and/ or cavity trays

Product specification

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+44 (0)1257 255 771

Product reference

Hyload MortarMatch


[30510000, 100 mm wide, off–white]
[30515000, 150 mm wide, off–white]
[30522500, 225 mm wide, off–white]
[30545000, 450 mm wide, off–white]
[30560000, 600 mm wide, off–white]
[30565000, 650 mm wide, off–white]
[32510000, 100 mm wide, natural mortar]
[32515000, 150 mm wide, natural mortar]
[32522500, 225 mm wide, natural mortar]
[32545000, 450 mm wide, natural mortar]
[32560000, 600 mm wide, natural mortar]
[32560000, 600 mm wide, natural mortar]


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Manufacturer details

Appley Lane North,
Appley Bridge,
Lancashire, WN6 9AB
Tel +44 (0)1257 255 771
Fax +44 (0)1257 252 514
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