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PermaTEC Hot Melt Monolithic waterproofing system contains a specially formulated combination of refined bitumen, synthetic rubbers, fillers and other additives which are hot applied in conjunction with carefully selected reinforcement/ detailing fabrics and protection layers to give a waterproofing membrane. The installed PermaTEC system provides a tough, flexible, self-sealing membrane.

The system is suitable for use as the waterproofing layer on most flat roofing systems, when covered by suitable protection or when used in an inverted roof or green roof specification. PermaTEC is also suitable for use as a damp-proof membrane in solid concrete floors or as the waterproofing layer in a typical sandwich membrane used for above or below ground waterproofing in concrete, brick or blockwork structures.

PermaTEC components:

  • PermaTEC ECOWRAP: Hot-applied synthetic modified bitumen. Thickness: 6 mm (2 layer application).
  • PermaTEC Anti-Root: Hot-applied synthetic modified bitumen for Green Roof Applications. Thickness: 6mm (2 layer application).
  • PermaFLASH-D150: Flexible polymer detailing sheet. Thickness: 1.25 mm.
  • PermaFLASH-D500: Flexible polymer detailing sheet. Thickness: 1.25 mm.
  • PermaFLASH-R: Polyester reinforcement membrane.
  • PermaGUARD-F: Polyester based felt protection membrane.
  • PermaGUARD-M: Mineral surfaced felt detail protection layer.
  • PermaGUARD-B: High density polymeric protection board. Thickness: 1.5 mm.


All main flat areas of PermaTEC and unexposed upstands must be covered with either PermaGUARD-F bonded as part of the application of the final layer of the hot PermaTEC membrane, or where improved protection is required, PermaGUARD-B bonded as soon as possible after application, in accordance with the specification provided.

After the application of the PermaTEC membrane to both the upstands and horizontal areas, any upstands to be left exposed should be covered with PermaGUARD-M bonded by heat activation of the laid PermaTEC membrane, as solar protection.


IKO PermaTEC approved accessories ensure full compatibility and will be included within the IKO one-point project guarantee.

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Vapour control layer:

Consult with IKO for recommendations and details.


Consult with IKO for recommendations and details.

Surface finishes:

A range of surface finishes including in-situ concrete, pedestrian paving, inverted roofs and roof gardens (green roofs) can be used with PermaTEC, subject to specification.


– Refurbishment drainage outlets:

IKO Rainwater Outlets are primarily used during re-roofing operations, allowing a totally secure connection between the new waterproofing system and existing rainwater drainage systems.

– Superlite rooflights:

A range of high quality PVC-U insulated kerb and frame modules, combined with individually glazed UV stable double skin polycarbonate domes. Individual rooflights with the range have been specifically designed to be installed with reinforced bitumen membranes, mastic asphalt and polymeric single ply. The Superlite design incorporates many unique assured waterproofing and security features as standard.

NBS Specification

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45-35-50/325 Hot applied polymer modified bitumen waterproof coatings

Product specification

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Product reference

PermaTEC Hot Melt Monolithic System

Vapour control layer

[ ______ ]


 - Type:
[ ______ ]
 - Thickness:
[ ______ ]



Separating layer (loose laid)

Glass tissue (50/ 70 g/m²)


6 mm, two coat application

Surface protection

 - Type:
[PermaGUARD-B protection board]
Bonded as soon as possible after application, to final layer where applicable.
[PermaGUARD-F polyester based bituminous/ sand surfaced roofing]
Bonded as part of the application of final layer.
[PermaGUARD-M polyester based blue/ grey slate surfaced roofing]
Bonded by heat activation of the laid PermaTEC membrane, as solar protection.
 - Finish:
[Paving tiles]
[Precast concrete slabs]
[Stone ballast]
[Green roof covering]


[None required]
[IKO drainage outlet]
[Superlite rooflight]

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