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Permapark uses advanced polymer technology to give the ideal combination of long term durability, increased fatigue resistance, improved temperature stability and ease of installation. It comprises a waterproofing layer of asphaltic cement with fine and coarse limestone aggregate, and a paving layer incorporating 6 or 10 mm coarse aggregate.

Applied by traditional asphalt techniques, Permapark is the result of extensive research and development and the careful selection of polymers to provide improved performance in vehicle deck specifications. Permapark is suitable for a wide range of applications from pedestrian walkways, car parks, HGV service decks and access ramps. Decks can be either in situ concrete, in-situ concrete with sand/cement screed, grade 20 concrete or precast concrete with structural topping. They must be true, plane and even, free from ridges, hollows and indentations and preferably provide a fall of 1 in 60 to ensure good drainage to outlets.

For normal car park usage Permapark does not require protection against minor oil, petrol or grease contamination but prolonged contact may cause localised softening of the binder. Proprietary coatings are available for high risk areas or where a coloured finish is required.


Where thermal insulation is required above the structural slab, Ruberoid's Supertherm 500 XPS high density extruded polystyrene is recommended, laid direct to the float finished base. Boards should be tightly butted with staggered joints and be accurately trimmed at abutments. An overlay of 75 mm Lytag:sand grade 20 concrete is applied direct to the extruded polystyrene with A142 steel wire mesh reinforcement placed at mid-height throughout. For insulated HGV service decks the insulation is overlaid with 100 mm of Lytag:sand grade 20 concrete prior to laying the Permapark.


Recommended surface finishes are:

  • Rubbed well with clean sharp sand during final floating of the hot asphalt.
  • Dimpled using a crimping roller.
  • Pre-coated chippings rolled into high stress areas to improve resistance to indentation; do not sand rub paving prior to laying chippings.

Permatrim edge trims:

A range of high performance GRP trims, carefully chosen to suit most applications and to complement standard and polymer modified mastic asphalt. GRP has a strength to weight ratio superior to that of steel or aluminium and with its low coefficient of thermal expansion dramatically reduces the effects that trim movement can have at perimeter details. GRP will not dent or be damaged in transit.

A range of five profiles is available, in black, white or grey. Matching corner sections are also available.

All Permanite components have been carefully selected to provide the same level of long-term performance as the chosen waterproofing system. Permanite approved accessories ensure full compatibility and will be included within the Permanite one-point project guarantee.

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Standard product features




Car decks:

A car park specification incorporating 25 mm or 30 mm of Permapark Paving is suitable for car or light commercial traffic decks where the maximum individual wheel load does not exceed 1 tonne.

HGV decks:

For areas subject to HGV traffic such as shopping centre service decks, 40 mm thick Permapark Paving is required to provide the necessary wearing coat properties. Where anticipated loadings are likely to exceed 3 tonnes per individual wheel load, 14 mm or 20 mm pre-coated chippings should be rolled into the surface to improve indentation resistance, but it should be noted that the uneven scatter of chippings will reduce the aesthetic appearance of the paving.

NBS Specification

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45-20-00/325 Mastic asphalt (MA) surface course

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Product specification

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 - Type:

Permapark Waterproofing

 - Number of coats:
[One, nominal thickness 10 mm]
On separating layer.
[One, nominal thickness 15 mm]
To ramps.
[Two, nominal thickness 20 mm]
No separating layer.

Wearing coat

 - Type:

Permapark Paving

 - Number of coats:
[One, nominal thickness 25 mm]
[One, nominal thickness 30 mm]
[One, nominal thickness 40 mm]

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