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The IKO Trim range covers the most popular GRP roofing trims for external finishing of bituminous membrane perimeter details such as check kerbs and parapet walls. The range has been carefully chosen to suit nearly all roofing applications and to complement the products and the different application techniques available within the IKO roofing range. GRP has a strength-to-weight ratio superior to that of steel or aluminium. GRP with its low coefficient of thermal expansion dramatically reduces the effects that trim movement can have on roofing membranes at perimeter details and will not dent or be damaged in transit.

IKO Trim is manufactured from pultruded glass fibre reinforced polyester resin. The trims are thermally inert with a low coefficient of expansion. Matching internal/ external corners supplied.

IKO Trim Wall Flashing is used to cover the leading edge of an upstand detail, where the substrate does not allow the execution of a traditional chase or cover flashing detail.

Standard product features

Dimensions overall:

All units are supplied in 3 m lengths:

  • 4060: 40 x 60 mm (Internal angle, 28 x 48 mm).
  • 4085 40 x 85 mm (Internal angle, 28 x 73 mm).
  • 6560: 65 x 60 mm (Internal angle, 53 x 48 mm).
  • 10060: 100 x 60 mm (Internal angle, 88 x 48 mm).
  • 15065: 150 x 65 mm (Internal angle, 130 x 50 mm).
  • Wall Flashing: 62 x 10 mm.

Corner units:

Dimensions: 240 x 240 mm.

NBS Specification

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45-75-35/350 GRP flashings and aprons

Product specification

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+44 (0)1257 255 771

Product reference

[IKO Trim 4060]
[IKO Trim 4085]
[IKO Trim 6560]
[IKO Trim 10060]
[IKO Trim 15065]
[IKO Trim Wall Flashing]


Standard colour for wall flashing.


[Not required]
[Corner unit external]
[Corner unit internal]

Manufacturer details

Appley Lane North,
Appley Bridge,
Lancashire, WN6 9AB
Tel +44 (0)1257 255 771
Fax +44 (0)1257 252 514
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