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Primarily designed for refurbishment application, the IKO Refurbishment Outlet has a one-piece spun-aluminium body which is 3.2 mm thick, and a heavy duty cast aluminium clamping ring, which suits most flat roof membranes and coverings. The outlet flange is extra large at 445 mm diameter giving excellent coverage over old outlets and has a depressed sump area to facilitate maximum water drainage from the roof surface. The outlet incorporates the patented seal providing a mechanical watertight connection.

Available in 75, 100, 125 and 150 mm diameter sizes. Manufactured to meet National Plumbing Code ULC/RD C790.4 requirements.

Standard product features


3.2 mm thick spun-aluminium.

Size (diameter)/ Outside dimensions (diameter):

  • AH 3 (75 mm): Outlet body 69.90 mm; seal 72.39–84.33 mm.
  • AH 4 (100 mm): Outlet body 94.70 mm; seal 95.00–110.49 mm.
  • AH 5 (125 mm): Outlet body 120.60 mm; seal 120.14–138.43 mm.
  • AH 6 (150 mm): Outlet body 142.50 mm; seal 146.30–168.40 mm.
  • Outlet flanges: 445 mm diameter.


Roof outlets tested in accordance to CAN/ ULC-C790.4-1996; consult manufacturer for further details:

  • Corrosion: Test detail is available - no loss of integrity.
  • Deflection: Less than 10%.
  • Hydraulic leakage: None.
  • Impact: No cracking, chipping or breakage.
  • Low temperature drop impact: No cracking or chipping.
  • Non-combustibility CAN4-S114: Pass.
  • Membrane peel strength: No membrane delamination from coating on AH outlet.


Other requirements:

Outlets are available with alternative leaf guards and accessories to provide the best specification; consult manufacturer for details.

NBS Specification

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90-10-20/302 Gravity rainwater outlets

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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+44 (0)1257 255 771

Product reference

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Other requirements

[Alternative leaf guards]

Manufacturer details

Appley Lane North,
Appley Bridge,
Lancashire, WN6 9AB
Tel +44 (0)1257 255 771
Fax +44 (0)1257 252 514
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