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Green roof system for quick and easy installation using a protection fleece plus GrufeTiles which include the sedum and are clipped together on the protection fleece. The GrufeTiles also protect the waterproofing for a longer lasting roof.

No immediate aftercare is required at the time of installation. Each GrufeTile comes to site fully established with 12 month pre-grown vegetation eliminating the need of any irrigation.

The GrufeKit can be laid directly on top of the waterproofing surface with the protection fleece; while this can save costs, the side view of the module is not desirable for some projects. A stone border can also provide a pleasing visual effect. In some cases this is required on commercial buildings as a fire-break by planning authorities.

The aluminium GrufeGuard is optionally available for a more professional finish. A standard parapet or upstand is a good way to finish the roof and the GrufeKit can either run to the upstand or have a stone margin.

On sloped roofs with a gradient of 16° or less can be treated as a standard flat roof, with a gradient more than 16° GrufeGuard can be installed (fixed to the waterproof membrane using IFP's across the roof in front of the modules) or 4 x 2" restraining timber battens can be installed prior to waterproofing across the roof, depending on roof conditions (battens require a gap for water drainage every 1.5 m).

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Standard product features


  • Manufactured from Polypropylene (PP).
  • Carrier size: 540 x 540 x 90 mm.
  • Compressive strength: 2000 kg/ m².
  • Water holding capacity: 20 L/ m².
  • UV resistant.
  • Temperature range: -50°C to +80°C.
  • Carrier material: 100% regenerated.
  • Drainage surface: 318 cm²/ m².
  • Outflow volume: 40 L/ m².
  • One year guarantee.



- Sedum GrufeTile

  • No mowing, no watering and no re-planting.
  • Sedum is a perennial (evergreen) plant.
  • Fully established plants for instant impact.

- Sedum and wildflower GrufeTile:

  • The ultimate bio-diverse roof, sedum is a perennial (evergreen) plant, with additional bursts of colour from the wildflower in spring and summer.
  • Higher maintenance than Sedum.

- Brown wildflower GrufeTile:

  • Wildflowers bloom in spring/ summer, will die back to bare soil in autumn/ winter.
  • High biodiversity and allows windblown local seeds to grow.
  • Optional maintenance.

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40-40-45/125 Extensive green roof system

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ANS GrufeKit Roof System


[Brown wildflower GrufeTile]
[Sedum GrufeTile]
[Sedum and wildflower GrufeTile]


Aluminium guard protects the modules at the roof edge or around features.
[Scottish pebbles]
For footpaths on the roof or to add a feature edging.

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