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Flexible, water based acrylic sealant coating used to form linear gap seals where voids are present in floor and wall constructions, and to create seals where penetrations go through walls. This will reinstate the fire resistance performance of gaps and joints where they are penetrated by various combustible pipe services. Supplied in liquid form.

Features and benefits:

  • High acoustic capabilities.
  • Causes no known effects to plastic pipes, plastic cables, sheathing or metallic components.
  • Joint movement capability of ±50% between the temperatures of -10°C and 95°C.
  • Dynamic movement testing of 500 cycles per 30 minutes.
  • Highly flexible and water resistant.
  • Halogen free, and resistant to fungi and vermin.
  • CE marked.


Can be poured, trowelled, brushed or sprayed into the aperture between the separating elements to a specified depth, utilising a base of 80 kg/m³ stone wool. Should be applied to a minimum DFT (dry film thickness) of 1 mm, which will require a minimum of 2.5 mm WFT (wet film thickness). Suitable for the following:

  • Metallic pipes, cables, cable bunches, cable trays and cable ladders.
  • Slab edge applications and head of wall and movement installations.
  • Rigid and flexible walls of minimum 100 mm thickness.
  • Rigid floors of minimum 150 mm thickness.

Approved by/ conforms to:

  • EN 10140.
  • ASTM D2369-10.
  • LEED 2009-EQ041.

Supplied in 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg pails.

Consult manufacturer to view performance data in different applications.

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Standard product features

Fire resistance (to EN 1366-3, EN 1366-4):

EI 120.

Reaction to fire (to EN 13501-1):

B-s1, d0.

Technical characteristics:

  • Specific gravity (to ISO 2811-1:2011): 1.2–1.35 g/cm³.
  • Application temperature: 0–30°C.
  • Coating thickness: 2.5 mm (nominal), wet film thickness (WFT).
  • Coverage: 2.8 kg/m² (2.24 L/m²).
  • Insulation (to EN 1366-3 and EN 1366-4): EI 180.
  • Air permeability (to EN 1026): 100–600 Pa (0.4–1.5 m³/h/m²).
  • Cure rate: 0.5 mm (per day) at 23°C, 50% relative humidity.
  • Tack free: For six hours at 23°C, 50% relative humidity.
  • Water permeability (to EN 1027): 450 Pa (no leakage).
  • Acoustic performance (to EN ISO 10140): When installed with 100 mm thick 80 kg/m³ stone wool: 40 dB; when installed with 200 mm thick 80 kg/m³ stone wool: 49 dB.
  • Durability: Class Z1, intended for use at internal conditions with high humidity (85%), in accordance with EOTA technical documents TR024.



Others are available on request.

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45-55-75/320 Acrylic construction joint sealants
45-55-75/368 Intumescent firestop sealant

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Flexi-Coat® Coating



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