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Isocrete 1500 is a fast drying, hand or pump applied cementitious underlayment, for easy levelling of concrete floors before the installation of floor coverings, e.g. vinyl, carpets, ceramic tiles, wood block, linoleum or cork. It is used for fast track refurbishment and new construction where floor finishes need to be applied quickly. Suitable for smoothing floors in office buildings, shops, public buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, and prisons. May be used as a screed to receive an epoxy resin finish in areas taking light traffic.


  • Hand application: 0–20 mm.
  • Pumped application: 4–20 mm. At least 8 mm average thickness would be a typical expectation on a reasonably level base.



  • Isocrete Primer: An acrylic emulsion based primer for Isocrete cement based self levelling screeds.
  • Hydraseal DPM (if a dpm required and on a concrete base with a moisture content above 75%): A solvent and water free, epoxy resin, liquid applied surface damp proof membrane/ bonding agent, applied at a rate of 0.5 kg/m² with a full blind of 1–2 mm silica sand at ~2 kg/m².

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45-55-10/320 Smoothing or levelling underlayment compound

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Isocrete 1500


[Hydraseal DPM with a full blind of silica sand (1-2 mm)]
[Isocrete Primer]
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