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Permanently fixed ladder, which changes in an emergency from a slim drainpipe type unit into a safe and sturdy means of escape. Pulling out the lock pin folds the ladder out and transforms it into an easy-to-use solid ladder.

It is suitable for different height buildings; each storey can have its own release station and lock pin, which allow the section below to be opened. For example, in the case of a three-storey building, the person on the top floor can release the entire ladder, while the person on the first floor can release just the section below them. Compliant with BS EN 131-2.


  • Slim, discreet appearance.
  • Constructed from anodized aluminium to endure all weather conditions.
  • Can be deployed from individual floors.
  • No unauthorized access from below.
  • Suitable for self-installation.
  • Five-year warranty.

Standard product features


  • Stored position: 80 mm.
  • Lowered in to use position: 400 mm.

Tread spacing:

300 mm.

Maximum loading:

450 kg.

NBS Specification

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30-05-30/165 Permanently-fixed vertical ladder system

NBS Specification

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Drop Down Emergency Escape Ladders


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[Polyester powder-coated]
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