A water based emulsion developed for addition to thin section cementitious screeds used in levelling and smoothing heavy duty industrial floors, and as an underlayment for a wide range of flooring requirements. The use of Resupol in screeds and toppings improves the resistance to water and water vapour. When left as a wearing surface, Resupol toppings have a lower tendency to dusting than conventional cement screeds and toppings.


  • Low water to cement ratio.
  • Faster access.
  • Good base for under RSL Screeds.
  • Improved wearing characteristics.
  • Resistance to dusting.
  • Improved resistance to liquid spillages.

Product properties:

  • Density: 960–1020 kg/ m².
  • Product type: Styrene Butadiene latex.
  • Appearance: Milky white liquid.
  • Application temperature: 10–30°C.
  • Workability at 20°C: 30 minutes.
  • Application thickness 10–50 mm.
  • Open to foot traffic: 48 hours.
  • Open to light traffic: 72 hours.


  • Resupol contains a defoaming agent, air entraining agents are therefore not recommended for use with this product.

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45-55-04/367 Polymer admixture

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