The best performing concrete lintels on the UK market. All units are pre-stressed to ensure optimum performance and come with 30 minutes fire rating as standard. With a range of 19 different sections sizes and with lengths available up to 6200 mm on certain section sizes. An ex-steel mould finish and made from wet cast concrete. Due to additives these units are suitable for use below ground. Different reinforcement type and position than that used in the Naylor economy range. May see small air holes on the surface, aggregate and concrete fines to bottom arises. For use normally in plastered, unexposed situations.


  • Design complies with BS 8110-1 Section 4.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 845-2.
  • Materials comply with BS EN 206 and BS 8500. The prestressing wire complies with BS 5896.



  • Suitable for 100 mm wide walls: P100, S4, R6, R9 and R12.
  • Suitable for 140 mm wide walls: P140, R3, R8, R11 and S5.
  • Suitable for 190 mm wide walls: P190, R2, R13 and R190.
  • Suitable for 215 mm wide walls: P215, R7, R14 and S8.


Refer to manufacturer's literature – not all finish options may be suitable with lintel choice.

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45-80-50/408 Prestressed concrete lintels

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