Naylors can cast any lintel or concrete product for consistent quality and reduce all the risk associated with on-site casting. This range is not only for bespoke concrete lintels such as curved on plan, curved on elevation, recessed and notched units, cast-in inserts or unusual shaped or design of lintels, but also for padstones, cover slabs, concrete walling solutions, concrete supports, beams and anything else a self-builder, contractor or civil engineer may require.

Scope of manufacture:

  • Weight – maximum 4 tonnes.
  • Width – maximum 2 m.


  • Design complies with BS 8110 table 4.3, section 2.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 845-2.
  • Materials comply with BS EN 206 and BS 8500. The prestressing wire complies with BS 5896.
  • All fire rated lintels produced by Naylor Lintels comply with BS 8110 table 4.3, section 2.


Fire resistance:

Refer to manufacturer's literature – not all options may be suitable with lintel choice.

NBS Specification

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45-80-50/408 Prestressed concrete lintels

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