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Antimicrobial flooring made up of aluminium oxide, quartz and silicon carbide.

Features and benefits:

  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean smooth surface.
  • Pressure from footfall creates a slip-resistant surface.
  • Embedded compounds ensure lifetime performance.
  • Flexible; can be flexed into coves, corners and awkward spaces.
  • High PVC content, making it easy to weld.
  • Cellulose backing allows it to bond with water-based adhesives.
  • Contains antimicrobial BioCote® silver ion technology that reduces microbes by 99.9% in two hours.
  • 15-year warranty.

Must be installed using BioFloor® adhesives.


Suited for use in commercial kitchens.


The additives used in BioCote® are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Biocidal Products Registration (BPR) and are certified by HACCP International.

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Standard product features

Size (roll):

2 x 20 m.


2 mm.


2.45 kg/m².

Technical characteristics:

  • Antimicrobial (to ISO 22196:2011): Log10 ≥4.83–99.9%.
  • Classification (to EN 649 and EN 685): Commercial: 34; Industrial: 43.
  • Sound insulation (to ISO 140-8): 5 dB.
  • Indentation (to EN 433): ≤0.10 mm.
  • Wear resistance (to EN 660-2): Group T.
  • Slip resistance AS/NZS (Appendix A – Wet Pendulum, Appendix D – Oil Wet Ramp): P5, R12.
  • Wear layer (to EN 429): 2 mm.
  • Flexibility (to EN 435): 20 mm mandrel (pass).
  • Dimensional stability (to EN 434): <0.4%.
  • Chemical resistance (to EN 423): SRM20 – good resistance to dilute acids, organic solvents and alkalis.
  • Colour fastness (to EN 20105-B02): Method3 >6.
  • Fire performance (to EN 13501-1): Class Bfl-s1.

NBS Specification

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45-20-70/360 PVC sheet with particle based enhanced slip resistance

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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+44 (0)330 100 0313

Product reference

BioFloor R12

Colour/ Finish

[Azutite textured]
[Lodestone plain]

Manufacturer details

Unit A1,
Cardale Park,
North Yorkshire, HG3 1GY
Tel +44 (0)330 100 0313
Fax +44 (0)330 100 1314
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