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Mobile shelving designed to comply with BS 4971:2017 (Conservation and care of archive and library collections). Includes Bruynzeel shelving and storage systems mounted on Bruynzeel Compactus® mobile carriages with Turn-Handle operation. Static racks can be mounted on bases to maintain an equal height line throughout.


- Mobile carriages:

  • 40 x 150 x 40 x 2.5 mm cold rolled steel. Incorporates guide wheels and the appropriate number of running wheels.
  • Static bases match the mobile carriages in height, construction and appearance.
  • Rubber buffers will be fitted between all carriages. Floor stops will be fitted at all static racks.

- Running rails:

Galvanized cold rolled steel, 60 x 14 mm, with a plain, flat surface and levelled to 1:1000. Flush fixed in concrete during construction or surface mounted with surrounding infill flooring.

- Grout:

If used, non-shrink grout below rails, with a compressive strength of C25/30 (B35) or higher.

- Shelves (Bruynzeel Sysco):

Manufactured from un-oiled and certified Steel, and safe-edged for protection. Un-perforated load surface to comply with BS 4971:2017. Supported on four clips. Painted prior to being formed to ensure the shelves are 100% epoxy powdered.. Uprights have a face dimension of 30 mm and load capacity of 800 kg with a slot pattern which permits vertical shelf adjustment in increments of 20 mm.

- Drawers:

Factory welded construction with integral handles. Drawers run on telescopic slides with captive roller bearings.

- Filing cradles:

Factory welded construction with integral handles. Cradles run on telescopic slides with captive roller bearings - safely supports a uniformly distributed load (UDL) of 35 kg/m.

- Operation:

Carriage movement by rotating ergonomic 3-SPOKE drive handle mounted at the end of each carriage. Handles will have Spinner knobs to allow continuous operation. Positive drive ensures a smooth, even movement of either individual or multiple racks. The system is designed to allow all racks in a “bank” of mobile carriages to be moved simultaneously from one handle.

- Safety:

  • Safety aisle locks to be fitted to every carriage.
  • Optional Torque Limiters or safety slipping clutches (for heavily loaded systems) to prevent the over-winding of the handle when the system is closed and locked, to safeguard the mechanisms and prolong system life.

- Optional Aisle lighting:

Environment-friendly, integrated LED lighting system to automatically switch on and off, and provide in-aisle lighting to required LUX levels.

CE certified.

Standard product features


Dry and oil-free steel, certified to quality standard EN 1013.


  • Epoxy-polyester powder coated to DIN 55690 SP-EP. Average layer thickness: 35 µm.
  • Shelving: RAL 9002 (Grey white).
  • Carriage: RAL 9005 (Jet black).
  • Folded or boxed sections are powder coated before being formed, to ensure every surface, both inside and outside, is completely coated and totally protected. Pre-galvanized steel is not used.


- Shelf supports:

Shelves are supported on four clips, concealed within the flange of the shelf. Shelf height is easily adjusted without tools or specialist skill.

- Bracing/ Cladding:

Cross-bracing or Back-cladding is fitted to the spines of the shelving to maintain stability.

- Lateral filing bars:

Fitted to the underside of shelves to allow suspended lateral filing, supports a UDL of 35 kg/m.


End panels:

Fitted to the operating end of each rack, the end panels will have A5 Perspex label holders (one per single rack, two per double rack).


  • Compartment clamp: To keep rows of books or documents upright. U-shape for shelving systems, cabinets and racks with 200, 250 or 270 mm depth. W-shape for shelving.
  • Dividing bars: Creates open barred compartments.
  • Drawer: Store smaller goods and office supplies either loose or packed. The drawer may be divided into a number of sections.
  • Elba Pendel frame: Store documents in Elba/Leitz/Pendex suspension pocket files.
  • Floor lock: Central locking system with a key installed on the last mobile. To lock the total system and protect confidential material.
  • l’Oblique /TUB frame: Store documents in I’Oblique suspension pocket files.
  • Label holder: To identify aisles.
  • Multi-file: Multifunctional suspension file for A4 documents. Suitable for both under-shelf filing and filing in pullout frames. 1 file for V-, 15.
  • Multi-purpose drawer: To preserve storage of fragile and sensitive objects, which need to be protected against dust and light.
  • Pull-out frame: Store documents in several types of suspension pocket files. The files are accessible from above.
  • Pull-out shelf: Can be used as a writing desk, work table or temporary storage of smaller goods.
  • Roller front doors: Convert open shelving units and racks into closed modules.
  • Shelf perforated: For use with solid dividing bars or steel partition panels to create sub-compartments.
  • Sliding book support: To keep rows of books or documents upright. Can be locked in any position.
  • Sliding doors: Convert open shelving units and racks into closed modules.
  • Steel partition panel: Used to create closed compartments.
  • Torque Limiter: Prevent the over-winding of the handle when the system is closed and locked.
  • ZT Pendel frame: Store documents in Jalema/ZT suspension pocket files.

NBS Specification

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45-35-80/360 Office storage

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Compactus Original XTR Mobile Shelving


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Shelf loading

[ ______ ]

End panel colour

[RAL 4006 Traffic purple]
[RAL 4009 Pastel violet]
[RAL 5024 Pastel blue]
[RAL 6016 Turquoise green]
[RAL 6034 Pastel turquoise]
[RAL 7002 Olive grey]
[RAL 7026 Granite grey]
[RAL 7030 Stone grey]
[RAL 8004 Copper brown]
[RAL 9002 Grey white]
[RAL 9005 Jet black]
Fine texture.
[RAL 9006 White aluminium]
[RAL 9010 Pure white]


[Aisle lighting]
[Aisle lighting with UV filter]
[Compartment clamp]
[Dividing bars]
[Elba Pendel frame]
[Floor lock]
[l’Oblique /TUB frame]
[Label holder]
[Multi-purpose drawer]
[Pull-out frame]
[Pull-out shelf]
[Roller front doors]
[Shelf perforated 2 rows]
[Shelf perforated 3 rows]
[Sliding book support]
[Sliding doors]
[Steel partition panel]
[Torque limiters]
[ZT Pendel frame]

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