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The MatchFast carbon steel range feature superior drilling and tapping performance, precisely matched colour heads and excellent resistance to corrosion and UV fading. MatchFast fasteners comprise a glass fibre reinforced, impact resistant nylon head, moulded over a four-pronged split head fastener shank, ensuring reliable performance.


  • Coloured heads – 11 mm bi-hex UV stabilized nylon moulded head for excellent colour matching in many RAL and BS colours.
  • Aluminium/ EPDM bonded washers – 15, 19 or 29 mm diameter aluminium gives high pullover strength and EPDM seal offers long-lasting seal.
  • Free-spin zone – Eliminates thread strip out in thin sheet materials, standard on stitching and high thread fasteners.
  • Optimized thread design – Enhanced pull-out performance and smoother tapping.
  • Split head – A specially designed head ensures a strong bond between nylon moulding and metal of the fastener head, reducing failure.
  • Optimized hardness – Eliminates failures.
  • Unique drill point geometry – Drills quickly and cleanly.



A wide range of standard, composite and stitching fasteners is available; consult manufacturer's literature for available options.

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45-50-15/350 Rivets

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MatchFast® Carbon Steel


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