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Steel-framed, bullet-resistant glazing and counter system, offering continuous protection from firearms and attack from floor level to the top of the unit.

Features and benefits:

  • Glazing and counters available in single-, double- and triple-tier versions for compliance with disability discrimination regulations (DDA).
  • Steel framework (powder-coated RAL 9001 as standard; custom colours available).
  • Sizes and system tailored to suit premises and requirement.
  • Armour plating is integral within the construction.
  • The unit is self-supporting with fixings to the floor, wall and bulkhead.
  • Incorporates an electronic active speech transfer system and induction loop as standard to assist customers with hearing aids.
  • The structure integrates bullet-resistant cash scoops/ transaction troughs to facilitate the transaction of money and documents.
  • Bullet-resistant doors and walls can be supplied as required to form a complete bullet-resistant enclosure.


Can be used in any environment with a risk of serious firearm or physical attack. Suitable areas of application include:

  • Banks.
  • Building societies.
  • Cash offices.
  • Foreign exchange.
  • Government offices.
  • Local authority offices.

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A wide range of attack resistant solutions is available. Consult manufacturer for details.

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Safetell Ltd


+44 (0)1322 223233

Product reference

Bullet Resistant Glazing and Counters


[ ______ ]


[13.5 mm]
Laminated security glass for non-ballistic resistance against physical attack (to BS 5544).
[42 mm]
Laminated spall limiting security glass against firearms (to G2/ S86 BS 5051, Part 1).



Electronic active speech transfer

[Bridge bar-mounted]

Armour plating


Bullet-resistant doors

[Not required]

Bullet-resistant walls

[Not required]


[Not required]
[Access control systems]
[Bullet-resistant modular walling]
[Non-bullet-resistant secure-line glazing]

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46 Fawkes Avenue,
Kent, DA1 1JQ
Tel +44 (0)1322 223233
Fax +44 (0)1322 277751
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