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The CLIMAVER® system is a practical solution for HVAC installations. Manufactured from a high-density glass mineral wool boards, faced on both sides, CLIMAVER® offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance in a fire safe system. Precision cut longitudinal joints are formed using specially designed, easy to use CLIMAVER® cutting tools; the duct boards can then be formed into rectangular ducts.

The CLIMAVER® system is a more economical and more efficient alternative to conventional ‘sheet metal and insulation’ ductwork, enhancing the thermal and acoustic comfort of a building’s occupants whilst maximising energy efficiency.


  • Excellent thermal performance resulting in massive energy savings.
  • Exceptional acoustic attenuation resulting in reduced noise transmission.
  • Suitable for air speeds up to 18 m/s and pressure up to 800 Pa.
  • Isover CLIMAVER® Plus R, CLIMAVER® Neto and CLIMAVER® APTA corresponds to the BRE Global Green Guide online generic specification ‘Glass wool insulation - density 80 kg/m³’ ref 915320059 which achieves a summary rating of A within Domestic, Health, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Education
  • Very low leakage rates and pressure drops leading to improved performance and massive energy saving.
  • Space saving - elimination of space for lagging above the ductwork.
  • Up to 80 % recycled glass making CLIMAVER® environmentally sustainable
  • Class O Fire rating; CLIMAVER® meets and exceeds European standards.

Standard product features

Fire performance:

  • CLIMAVER ® Plus R - B s1, d0 Fire rating.
  • CLIMAVER ® Neto - B s1, d0 Fire rating.
  • CLIMAVER® APTA - B s1, d0 Fire rating.
  • CLIMAVER r® A2 - A2 Fire rating.
  • CLIMAVER ® A2 Neto - A2 Fire rating.

Typical mid-frequency noise reduction per metre of duct:

  • CLIMAVER ® Neto – 5.52 dB.
  • CLIMAVER ® Plus R – 1.26 dB.

Additionally the factory applied aluminium foil facing meets the highest standards required by BS 476-6: Fire Propagation and BS 476-7 Surface Spread of Flame. The foil is rated Class O.

Thermal conductivity:

0.032 W/m.K at 10°C mean temperature.

Thermal resistance:

0.78 m²K/W for the 25 mm, 1.25 m²K/W for the 40 mm at 10°C mean temperature

Water vapour permeance:

0.0011 g/s MN (outer facing).

Product specification

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Saint-Gobain Isover


+44 (0)192 8704135

Product reference



[CLIMAVER® Plus R - 25 mm]
[CLIMAVER® Neto - 25 mm]
[CLIMAVER® APTA - 40 mm]

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White House Industrial Estate,
Cheshire, WA7 3DP
Tel +44 (0)192 8704135
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