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The robust grid system is easily installed and tiles can be removed and replaced for access to services. Modular or circular light fitting and grilles can be integrated within the Clip-In System, and various acoustic criteria can be met with the inclusion of acoustic inlays.

The Clip-In System incorporates many features to provide an economic solution to most ceiling requirements. Comprehensive ranges of the most popular sizes and perforation patterns are held in stock, together with the necessary grid components and perimeter details.

For use with:

  • Clean room tile.
  • Clip-in tile.
  • Grille tile.
  • High humidity tile.
  • Swingdown tile – Recommended maximum centres 1500 mm.
  • Applications:
  • Airport.
  • Cinema.
  • Computer room.
  • Exhibition centre.
  • Hospital.
  • Hotel.
  • Kitchen.
  • Laboratory.
  • Marine and offshore.
  • Office area.
  • Restaurant.
  • Shower room.
  • Supermarket.
  • Theatre.

Standard product features


  • GT109 – Universal tee bar/ channel bracket. 1.2 mm galvanized carbon steel 68 mm wide x 46 mm high x 37 mm deep to suit 38 x 19 mm channel.
  • GT112 – 3000 mm long suspension channel. 38 x 19 x 1.6 mm galvanized carbon steel.
  • GT114 – 3000 mm long suspension angle. 19 x 19 x 0.8mm galvanized carbon steel.
  • GT115 – 3000mm long full tee bar.45 mm wide x 29 mm deep x 0.8 mm galvanized carbon steel.
  • GT119 – 2400 mm long channel trim. 38 mm x 19 mm x 0.5 mm galvanized carbon steel painted to suit requirements.

NBS Specification

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45-70-45/335 Demountable suspended ceiling grid

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Clip-in Grid

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