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Based upon Intastop’s experience in the reduced ligature and anti-barricade market, this durable, full length, single point release action removable doorstop is ideal for bedroom and ensuite doors in psychiatric accommodation, nursing homes and disabled facilities. The Aluminium Removable Doorstop provides quick, easy emergency outward opening operation of doors that normally open inwards. Suitable for pivot, floor spring and Intastop Double Swing Hinges. It is durable and will not distort with moisture or fluctuations in temperature.


  • Multipoint locking from one lock.
  • Fire tested to European standard EN 1634-1 for 30 minutes.
  • Ideal for timber and steel frames.


  • Easy access in the event of a barricade situation.
  • Quick, easy access with one locking point.
  • Reduces maintenance and lifecycle cost.
  • Fast/ safe response in an event of a barricade.

Standard product features


Satin anodized aluminium (SAA).

Additional components:

Non-removable fixing available for RDS-03.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-25-38/320 Door stops

Product specification

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Intastop Ltd


+44 (0) 1302 364 666

Product reference

Lever pull.
Locking mechanism.




[2100 mm]
[2400 mm]

Manufacturer details

Holly Street,
Kelham Street Industrial Estate,
South Yorkshire, DN1 3TR
Tel +44 (0) 1302 364 666
Fax +44 (0) 1302 364 777
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