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Full Mortice Hinges can be used on new or existing doors and are applied so as to conceal both leaves. Unlike conventional hinges, the Continuous Geared Hinge does not have a pin. It consists of two full height, paired and geared leaves. Each geared leaf rotates evenly from top to bottom riding on Delrin-Teflon bearings, retaining the smooth, clean lines of the door and frame, while easily supporting heavy vertical loads such as doors. Although not a traditional pivot hinge, Continuous Geared Hinges outperform all the criteria applicable to CE EN 1935 in relation to durability, lifecycle and lifespan, loading and abuse.


  • Designed mainly for new door applications.
  • Distributes load stress uniformly along the full length of the door and frame.
  • Gap between door and frame is sealed.
  • Tested to 1.5 million cycles; exceeds life cycle requirements of CE EN 1935.
  • Fire tested to BS 476-20 and -22 for 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Grade 1 abuse tested.


  • Reduce the need to replace expensive fire doors by protecting them from damage and door dropping.
  • Ensures staff and patient safety in the event of a fire by maintaining fire integrity of the door allowing safe evacuation.
  • Prevents door dropping and addresses door alignment issues to prevent damage to floor.
  • Gives patients and staff privacy against prying.
  • Reduces life cycle costs by prolonging the lifetime of a door.
  • Reduces maintenance costs by preventing damage to vulnerable back edges of doors.

Standard product features


Satin anodized aluminium (SAA).

NBS Specification

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45-25-42/340 Door hinges

Product specification

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Intastop Ltd


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Product reference

HFM Full Mortice Aluminium Hinge


[2100 mm]
[2400 mm]


For doors up to 125 kg in weight.
For doors up to 245 kg in weight.
For doors up to 500 kg in weight.

Hinge seal pack (S44 smoke seal and intumescent)

[Not required]

Manufacturer details

Holly Street,
Kelham Street Industrial Estate,
South Yorkshire, DN1 3TR
Tel +44 (0) 1302 364 666
Fax +44 (0) 1302 364 777
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