A liquid-applied waterproofing system suitable for flat roofs, sloping roofs and complex shapes such as cupolas and barrel roofs. It can also be used to waterproof vertical surfaces, junctions and roof openings such service penetrations and supports, rooflights, chimneys, balcony doors and windows.

ParaFlex adheres to almost any substrate to form permanently waterproof attachments. It is compatible with most bitumen and plastic waterproofing systems.

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Standard product features


Unsaturated polyester elastomer with a polyester fabric reinforcement that determines the breaking strength and elongation at break and provides for even layer thickness

Number of coats:


Working temperature (minimum):


Curing time:

  • With hardener and accelerator:
  • Rainproof: 15 minutes.
  • Walkable: 30 minutes.


  • Water vapour diffusion resistance, µ: 4.7.
  • Root penetration (DIN EN 13984): Resistant.
  • Spread of fire and radiant heat (DIN 4102-7): Resistant.
  • Fireproof to BS 476-3:2004.
  • Temperature resistance: -20­ to +80ºC.

NBS Specification

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20-50-30/130 Liquid applied cold roof covering system
20-50-30/140 Liquid applied warm roof covering system
20-50-30/135 Liquid applied inverted roof covering system

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Paraflex Universal Primer


Paraflex FD



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