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  • Extremely effective as a control agent against house fungi and also has a preventive effect against infestation throughout the masonry work.
  • Designed to be diluted with water at 1:10.


  • Do not use on masonry that will come in direct contact with food or animal feed.
  • This agent may only be used by professional companies.
  • Treated masonry work must be covered with render or other interior finishing materials on the side towards living spaces or in areas where people gather.
  • This fungi inhibiting agent is toxic for fish and the prey fish feed on; this agent should not be allowed to reach aquatic environments.


Remove render, chase out infested joints at least 20 mm deep and execute treatment (it is recommend treating at least 1500 mm above visible infestation).

Application rate:

  • 500 ml/ mm² of a 10% solution, i.e. 50 g concentrate per m².
  • Impregnating walls through boreholes and for borehole pressure impregnation: 3 kg concentrate per m³ masonry work.


  • Used for control measures against house fungi in masonry work such as brick, sand-lime brick and natural stone but also on concrete, render and similar building materials in a coating or borehole procedure.
  • Can also be used as a fungi inhibiting additive for mortar mixed at the building site when repairing old buildings.



- Masonry:

  • By brush or spray.
  • For surface treatment, the specified 10% solution is used.
  • When fungi have grown through the wall, borehole impregnation should be used in addition.

- Borehole impregnation:

  • Arrange boreholes in rows staggered in a downward angle of 30–45° in intervals of approximately 250 mm horizontally and approximately 150–200 mm vertically.
  • The diameter of the boreholes should be 20–30 mm; the depth the thickness of the wall minus 150 mm.
  • In beam support areas, reduce the intervals to 100 mm vertically and horizontally.
  • Depending on absorption capacity, the boreholes are filled several times with the solution.
  • After treatment, the boreholes are filled with Injection Mortar.

- Borehole impregnation under pressure:

  • Arrange the boreholes in a grid horizontally or with a slightly sloping downward angle in intervals of approximately 250 mm horizontally and approximately 200–300 mm vertically.
  • The diameter of the boreholes should correspond to the 18 mm injectors; the depth of the boreholes should be the thickness of the wall minus 150 mm.
  • In a low pressure procedure (3-4 bar), the solution is injected into the masonry work as a 10–50% solution, using a Surface Sprayer.
  • If the plastic injectors are not left in the masonry work, fill the boreholes afterward with Injection Mortar.
  • In the bottom horizontal row of boreholes where protection against rising damp is required, packers are set between the boreholes and after three or four weeks treatment with the Kiesol Waterproofing System is carried out (specify in section M60).
  • To protect against masonry salts in the evaporation zone, Salt Inhibitor can also be used (specify in section M60).


- Injection Mortar:

  • Cementitious setting filling and injection agent with high porosity.
  • Designed for filling and injecting joints, smaller cavities, small cracks 2–10 mm wide and loose mortar fillings in masonry and between brickwork.

NBS Specification

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45-35-84/358 Waterborne masonry paints

NBS Specification

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Adolit M


[Borehole impregnation]
[Borehole impregnation under pressure]
[Brush surface treatment]
[Spray surface treatment]


[Not required]
[After treatment, fill the boreholes with Injection Mortar]
[Leave plastic injectors in the bore holes]
Option for borehole impregnation under pressure.

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