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A single pack, cold roof, two-coat high performance polyurethane waterproofing system for flat or sloping roof refurbishment projects, with a skid resistant finish.

Features and benefits:

  • Robust.
  • Seamless and flexible.
  • Includes reinforcement with a glass fibre fleece.
  • Permanently elastomeric.
  • UV resistant.
  • Reinforced construction.
  • Moisture-triggered curing.
  • Life expectancy of approximately 30-years.
  • Quick and easy to install, with no on-site mixing required.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS 476: Part 3: 2004, and EN 13501-5: 2005.
  • BBA certified.
  • Comes with a 20-year independently insured guarantee for materials and workmanship, which may be extended to a 25-year guarantee with an additional top coat (only valid when installed by approved contractors).


  • Preparation: Paracoat primer.
  • Liquid applied waterproof coating: Paracoat Top Coat (0.75 kg/m²) and Paracoat Base Coat (1 kg/m²) polyurethane waterproof coatings.
  • Waterproof coating reinforcement: Langley Glass Fibre Embedment Fleece (0.225 kg/m²).


Suitable for use on flat or sloping roofs in refurbishment projects where existing systems are to be overlaid. Can be used on all roof deck types and most substrates, including bituminous felt (BUR), mastic asphalt and single-ply roofs.

System accessories include biocidal wash, specialist primers, rooflights, flashings, refurbishment outlets, vents, and edge trims (specified separately). Consult manufacturer for further details.

Standard product features




Dark grey.


Top and base coat: 1.5 mm.


1.975 kg/m².

Technical characteristics:

  • Fire performance: EXT. F.AB, Broof [t4].
  • Elongation: 500% (un-reinforced).
  • Shear strength: 98.7 N.
  • Slip resistance: Dry: 0.88; wet: 0.21.
  • Tensile strength: 11.5 N/mm².

NBS Specification

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20-50-30/130 Liquid applied cold roof covering system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Product reference

PC-20 C Paracoat Liquid Roofing System

Surface treatment

[Not required]
[Skid-inhibiting finish]
For use on walkways, maintenance areas and fire escape routes.

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