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SureSet is a resin bound surface course, available with various sizes of imported crushed marble particles, fully coated with a two-part chemically curing resin, combined in a forced action mixer. The resin is UV-stable, flexible and clear in colour. SureSet is hand installed to a smooth finish.


  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Choice of crushed or rounded particles.
  • Durable, UV stable, SuDS and crack resistant.
  • Highly permeable mixes are available for tree pits, communal areas, pool sides and many other applications.
  • SureSet can be designed to withstand heavy loads.
  • Rounded aggregates should be avoided on sloping ground, to minimize slipping.
  • Indoor mixes will not require a rough surface to counteract slipping.
  • DIY kits available providing 0.5 m² coverage at 16 mm depth.
  • TradePacks available for larger DIY projects.
  • Special mixes can be tailored to suit most conditions and specifications.


  • SureSet UK Limited maintains full control over all installations, either with direct labour or with approved contractors working under guidance.
  • Application is a low energy cold applied process.
  • Low-emission system, using only non-volatile components.
  • Average curing time for pedestrian traffic: 6-12 hours.
  • Average curing time for vehicular traffic: 14-24 hours.
  • SureSet can be laid in temperatures as low as 0 ºC and is unaffected by light rain and damp surfaces.
  • Suitable surfaces include asphalt, smooth concrete, SureCell structure or crushed stone for tree pits.


  • Access roads and car parks.
  • Creative applications including logos.
  • DIY and trade projects.
  • Driveways and housing access.
  • Flat roofs, step treads and bridges.
  • Heritage or leisure locations.
  • Internal use.
  • Hard landscape area; pathways, pond surrounds and garden patios.
  • Pool surrounds.
  • Public and private walkways.
  • School grounds.
  • Town centres.
  • Tree pits.


SureSet resin bound aggregate surfacing is fully guaranteed, subject to conditions, for 21 years from the date of application against:

  • Loose stone.
  • Cracking.
  • Oil damage.
  • UV degradation.
  • Colour change.
  • Frost damage.
  • Poor quality workmanship.

Standard product features


- Rural pathway:

  • Marble size: 3 mm - 16 mm depth of SureSet.
  • Marble size: 6 mm - 18 mm depth of SureSet.
  • Marble size: 10 mm - 24 mm depth of SureSet.

- Tree pit:

  • Marble size: 10 mm - 40 mm depth of SureSet.

- Private driveway:

  • Marble size: 3 mm - 16 mm depth of SureSet.
  • Marble size: 6 mm - 18 mm depth of SureSet.
  • Marble size: 10 mm - 24 mm depth of SureSet.

- Car parks:

  • Marble size: 3 mm -18 mm depth of SureSet.
  • Marble size: 6 mm - 20 mm depth of SureSet.
  • Marble size: 10 mm - 26 mm depth of SureSet.



  • Four standard colours:

NBS Specification

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45-20-00/415 Resin bound mixed aggregate surfacing

Product specification

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SureSet Permeable Paving


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Resin Bound Marble Paving


 - Size:
[3 mm]
[6 mm]
[10 mm]
 - Profile:
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[12 mm]
[16 mm]
[18 mm]
[22 mm]
[24 mm]
[40 mm]
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 - Colour:
[Astro Dusk]
[Astro Peake]
[Astro Verde]
[Forest Green]
[Sterling Forest]
[Winter Frost]
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Manufacturer details

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