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A ½" built-in thermostatic mixing valve for concealed pipework.

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Standard product features

Rada Exact-3B chrome:

A ½" built-in thermostatic shower control for concealed pipework, incorporating a Radatherm service-free cartridge, ceramic disc flow control cartridge and check valve and strainer cartridges, housed within a chrome plated DZR brass body.

Units are TMV3 approved for high and low pressure applications.

The product can also be used with a rigid shower head such as VR105 or BSR-S 300 shower fitting.

Rada Exact-3B white:

Identical specification to the Rada Exact-3B but supplied with white control levers and concealing plate.


  • Inlet - 15 mm compression/½" BSP male connections to accept rising, falling or back inlet supplies.
  • Outlet - 15 mm compression/½" BSP external union.


The top lever controls the temperature, whilst the bottom lever controls the flow.

The temperature controls allow the user to select the required temperature within the range available. An integral temperature stop limits the maximum temperature to a pre-set level and can only be re-set by an authorised person.

Temperature range:

The maximum temperature that can be selected is set at approximately 43°C, this can be reset on site where required.

  • Minimum temperature differential, blend to either supply is 12°C.
  • Optimum thermostatic control range of mixer: 35°C to 45°C.
  • Minimum cold water supply temperature: 1°C.
  • Maximum hot water supply temperature: 85°C.

Note: The mixing valve can accept temporary temperature excursions above 85°C without damage, however, operation of the mixing valve at such elevated temperatures is not recommended. For reasons of general safety, hot water storage temperatures should ideally be maintained at between 60°C and 65°C where serving ablutionary requirements.

Pressure/ Flow rates:

  • Minimum dynamic supply pressure: 0.15 bar.
  • Maximum dynamic supply pressure: 5.0 bar.
  • Minimum flow rate: 3 litres/minute at mid blend.
  • Maximum flow rate: 35 litres/minute at mid blend (which equates to a maximum pressure loss of 3.0 bar).
  • Maximum pressure loss ratio: 10:1 (in favour of either supply).
  • Maximum static pressure: 10 bar.


  • Body: DZR brass and chrome plated.
  • Concealing plates: Zinc alloy and chrome plated.
  • Temperature and flow control knobs: Zinc alloy and chrome plated.
  • Lever controls and trims: White engineering plastic.


  • VR105 shower fitting.
  • BSR-S 300 shower fitting.

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45-35-70/335 Shower mixers

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+44 (0)844 571 1777

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[Rada Exact-3 B chrome (1.0.427.02.1)]
[Rada Exact-3 B white (1.0.427.01.1)]
[Rada Exact-3 B-biv white (1.0.427.03.1)]


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[Concealing plates - White engineering plastic]

Manufacturer details

Rada - a Kohler company ,
Cromwell Road,
Gloucestershire, GL52 5EP
Tel +44 (0)844 571 1777
Fax +44 (0)844 472 3076
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