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27 mm thick decorative, highly sound-absorbent ceiling and wall covering with either a stucco or plaster smooth finish, installed by Oscar Acoustic Elite teams.

It can be applied directly onto plasterboard, smooth concrete, steel sheet and most other surfaces and is suitable for flat, domed and vaulted soffits.

Features and benefits:

  • Controls sound reverberation in buildings by absorbing sound energy instead of reflecting it, thereby reducing reverberation times and overall noise levels, giving clarity to speech and music.
  • It can be applied directly onto plasterboard, smooth concrete, steel sheet and most other surfaces.
  • Suitable for flat, domed and vaulted soffits.
  • Available in two surface finishes and a variety of colours.
  • The standard white finish provides a light reflectivity of 94%.
  • Easy to maintain through vacuuming or dusting.
  • Can be over-sprayed in a different colour if required.


Ideal for use in offices, hotels, receptions, luxury homes, restaurants and high specification apartments and houses where the designers' desire for hard flat surfaces can lead to noise reverberation problems. Not suitable for walls below 2 m from the floor.

Acoustic plasters are not suitable for walls below 2 m from the floor. Spray and trowel application by Oscar Acoustics trained in-house teams.

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Standard product features


Typically appears smoother than conventional painted plaster but with the advantage of high performance acoustic properties.


Plaster smooth.


Combination of base board, base and top coats.

Recycled content:

Glasswool: 75%.


Disposal in accordance with local recycling/disposal rules.

Embodied carbon:

Can effectively lower the carbon footprint of a building project by sequestering rich stores of carbon for the life of the structure or application.

Country of Product Manufacture:


Country of Material Origin:


Fire rating:

A2-s1,d0 & Class 0 to BS476 - significantly betters the requirements of the new Approved Document B providing little to no smoke and absolutely no droplets, assisting in the safe escape of occupants.


M1 emission class certified for building materials (best class) & CDPH compliant.

Environmental standards:

Environmental Product Declaration in accordance with ISO 14025 - EN 15804. Living Building Challenge compliant.

Flangeless fittings:

90% of flangeless fittings do not work properly with any acoustic finish. If you are specifying a flangeless fitting, please contact Oscar Acoustics for advice.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
25-85-85/175 Sprayed internal monolithic coating system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Oscar Acoustics


+44 (0)1474 854902

Product reference

[Oscar Elite]
Trowelled and sanded to a smooth plaster finish.
[Oscar Elite S]
Stucco finish.


[27 mm]
[47 mm]


[Special order]
Almost any colour achievable.

System manufacturer



In accordance with OEL3 Oscar pre-start check list

Initial coats

3-4 mm base coat applied to base board


 - Insulant:

High density 20 mm thick acoustically absorbent base board bonded with adhesive to substrate


Protective membrane

1-2 mm finish coat

Movement joints - Form with

Stop bead (only required when passing over existing movement joints)


[Access hatch]
[Oscar Evo-Blade razor edge trim]
[Recessed light Halos (flanged fitting only)]
[Pattresses, 'F trim' white PVC-U bespoke stop bead]
['F trim' natural finish aluminium bespoke stop bead]


[27 mm]
[47 mm]

Sound absorption coefficient

[to BS EN ISO 354 at 125 Hz: 0.10, at 250 Hz: 0.50, at 500 Hz: 0.85, at 1 kHz: 0.85, at 2 kHz: 27 mm: 0.80, at 4 kHz: 0.80]
27 mm.
[to BS EN ISO 354 at 125 Hz: 0.40, at 250 Hz: 0.80, at 500 Hz: 0.95, at 1 kHz: 0.95, at 2 kHz: 47 mm 0.90, at 4 kHz: 0.90]
47 mm.

Noise reduction coefficient

27 mm.
47 mm.

Manufacturer details

Crowhurst Barn,
Crowhurst Lane,
West Kingsdown,
Kent, TN15 6JE
Tel +44 (0)1474 854902
Fax +44 (0)1474 853337
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