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Medium profile steel cladding sheet for roofs and walls.

  • Suitable for fixing to steel or timber spacer bars or purlins. Purlin centres for 0.7 mm sheet in typical multispan applications (maximum): 1.8 m. Wider centres may be possible in certain circumstances - consult manufacturer.
  • Choice of steel gauge and finish.
  • Roof cladding. Pitch (minimum): 4º. In-plane rooflights require 6º pitch (minimum).
  • Allows rapid completion of the weatherproof envelope.
  • Profile features 24 mm deep ribs.
  • Suitable for site cutting using reciprocating or circular saw.
  • Co-ordinating elements available: secondary steelwork, liner sheets, insulation, site assembly profiled rooflights, flashings, guttering, doors, louvre panels, sealants.


  • General: Possible through valleys or crowns. Valley fixing recommended. Stainless steel or carbon steel self drilling screws with press on or integral caps and 16 mm EPDM washers.
  • To steel: Should pass through the section, leaving minimum 5 mm exposed thread.
  • To wood: Must achieve 40 mm (minimum) embedment.


  • Varies with exposure, material and colour. Consult manufacturer.
  • Typical interval to first repainting (minimum): 20–30 years.


  • Spread of flame: Class 1 to BS 476-7. Euroclass B. Class O as described in Approved Document B. FAA/ SAA to BS 476-3.
  • Suitable for walls more than 1 m from a boundary.

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Standard product features

Cover width:

1 m.



  • Corus HPS200 Ultra: 200 µ organic finish on aluminium/ zinc alloy coating.
  • Corus Colourcoat Verso: 200 µ organic finish on aluminium/ zinc alloy coating.
  • PVDF: 27 µ stoved fluorocarbon finish. Excellent colourfastness.
  • Dobel 200XT: 200 µ PVC exterior finish. Leathergrain embossed. Heat cured epoxy interior finish.
  • Dobel Nova: 50 µ acrylic polymer finish. High wear resistance, excellent colourfastness, good flexibility. Wholly recyclable.
  • Plastisol: 200µ PVC finish.


  • Availability of colours varies with weathersheet. Select from samples, not from printed charts. Some colours approximate to BS shades. Consult manufacturer.
  • High volume colours at lower cost: Goosewing grey, Juniper green, Merlin grey, Olive green, Slate blue.
  • Other standard colours: Bamboo, Black, Buttermilk, Cornflower blue, Forest green, Jade, Ivory, Wedgewood Blue, Mushroom, New grey, New red, Ocean blue, Pacific blue, Pigeon grey, Poppy red, Moorland Green, Terracotta, Vandyke brown, White, Willow.
  • Other colours may be available to special order. Consult manufacturer.

NBS Specification

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45-65-52/350 Carbon steel profiled sheet

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Product specification

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SIG Building Solutions


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Product reference

AS24/ 1000 Cladding


[AS24/ 1000R]
Narrow ribs project on coated face. Typically for roof panels.
[AS24/ 1000R Curved eaves]
Roof panels.
[AS24/ 1000W]
Narrow ribs recessed on coated face. Typically for wall panels.
[AS24/ 1000W Vented]
Narrow ribs recessed on coated face. Punched for ventilation. 0.5 mm sheets only. For wall panels.


[0.5 mm]
Weight 4.57 kg/m².
[0.6 mm]
Agri-Steel only.
[0.7 mm]
Weight 6.49 kg/m².


 - Type:
Polyester paint with superior substrate coating. Smooth texture. Agricultural.
[Corus HPS200 Ultra]
Organic coated steel. 'Scintilla' embossed texture. Durable.
[Corus Colourcoat Verso]
Organic coated steel. 'C' embossed texture. Durable.
[Dobel 200XT]
Plastisol coated steel. Leathergrain texture. Durable.
[Dobel Nova]
Acrylic polymer coated steel. Smooth texture.
[Plastisol, 200µ]
Leathergrain texture. Durable.
[Polyester paint]
Smooth texture. Economic.
Fluorocarbon coated steel. Smooth texture. Colour stable.
 - Colour:
[As drawing ___]
[As schedule ___]

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