A range of ceiling baffles, which includes:


Baffles are available with two (Heradesign Baffle basic) or three layer (Heradesign Baffle aluDesign) acoustic units with wood wool acoustic cover layers on both sides. The three layer baffle has an additional mineral wool core, and this combination of wood wool and mineral wool yields outstanding absorption values in a wide frequency range. Due to their special shape, baffles create unique design options and are suitable for a variety of applications including schools or public buildings.

Heradesign is available with fine and superfine surfaces and in sizes: 1200 x 300 or 600 x 300 mm (57 mm thickness). Supplied with a galvanized metal frame and are also available in reaction to fire class: A2-s1,d0 (non-combustible).

Thermatex range:

- Baffle Classic:

Baffles with a fleece-coated, classic, white surface. The product is especially suited to applications where high value is placed on a plain, discreet visual appearance with optimal room acoustics.

- Baffle Colour:

Offers a large range of design options. The front faced acoustic fleece is available in different colours and can be combined in any way giving every room a unique, distinctive design and fulfilling the highest room acoustic requirements.

- Baffle Exclusive:

The highly absorbent baffle system does not just provide excellent room acoustics, but also offers an almost infinite number of possibilities for lively and modern interior design. The fleece-coated surface decor can be printed to project requirements offering a high degree of individuality and design freedom.

- Features and benefits:

  • High sound absorption.
  • Excellent acoustics.
  • Extension of the active acoustic surface in a room.
  • Easy installation.
  • Retrospective acoustic optimization of rooms.
  • Suitable for active soffits.
  • Individual suspension options.

- Fixing:

Fixed by cable suspension, industry system or grid system (not supplied).

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Standard product features


Available in two sizes, with other special sizes available on request.

Frame material:

  • Heradesign: Galvanized metal frame.
  • Thermatex range: Aluminium.

Sound absorption:

To EN ISO 354, consult manufacturer's literature for details.

Fire safety to EN 13501-1:



- Thermatex range:

95% relative humidity (maximum).


- Thermatex range:

  • 1200 x 300 mm: 3 kg.
  • 1200 x 600 mm: 6.2 kg.

NBS Specification

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45-80-40/400 Sound attenuators

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Product specification

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Product reference

[Heradesign Baffle Basic, Fine Surface]
[Heradesign Baffle Basic, Fine Surface With Reaction To Fire Rating (A2-s1,d0)]
[Heradesign Baffle Basic, Superfine Surface]
[Heradesign Baffle Basic, Superfine Surface With Reaction To Fire Rating (A2-s1,d0)]
[Heradesign Baffle aluDesign, Fine Surface]
[Heradesign Baffle aluDesign, Fine Surface With Reaction To Fire Rating (A2-s1,d0)]
[Heradesign Baffle aluDesign, Superfine Surface]
[Heradesign Baffle aluDesign, Superfine Surface With Reaction To Fire Rating (A2-s1,d0)]
[Thermatex Baffle Classic]
[Thermatex Baffle Colour]
[Thermatex Baffle Exclusive]


[600 x 300 mm]
Heradesign range.
[1200 x 300 mm]
[1200 x 600 mm]
Thermatex Classic, Colour and Exclusive.

Colour/ Finish

 - Frame:
Insert RAL colour details.
 - Tile:
Bespoke printed motifs available, insert requirements. Thermatex Exclusive.
Thermatex Classic.

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