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Sound insulating manually operated or semi-automatic moveable wall system providing the possibility of high level sound insulation requirements. It comprises individual top hung full height panels of equal size, made to measure to suit site dimensions. When the wall is closed between fixed abutments, it gives the appearance of a solid flush wall.

Variflex is ideal for any application where the purpose is to make people meet, communicate and generally feel comfortable in their surroundings. It has a wide choice of elements and stacking/ parking arrangement options and its high level of flexibility, even in the case of complicated room proportions where sloping ceilings or circular spaces have to be accommodated, ensures optimum functionality. As well as offering very effective smoke control, the latest European standards are met with up to Rw 60 dB sound reduction.

Complies with BS EN ISO 14025 for environmental labels and declarations and is acoustically tested to BS EN 140-3.

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Standard product features


Tri-block panels are constructed of a non-deflecting steel tube frame complete with independent aluminium edge profiles. The frame is clad either side with 16 mm, three-ply quality chipboard panels hung in acoustic isolation from the frame and allowed to vibrate independently. The panel face boards are easily removable without the need to remove the whole panel offering an added benefit for health and safety with manual handling. The track is manufactured from extruded aluminium and the track junctions incorporate drop forged roller bearings. Carriers are fully adjustable and are secured to the panels by horizontal ball bearings which engage with shock absorbing roller pins.


Each element incorporates spring loaded top and bottom mechanical seals. Seals are operated by means of a removable ‘crank’ handle and engaged by a winding mechanism to ensure optimum contact pressure of 1500 N minimum. Seals are constructed of aluminium with flexible rubber inter locking contact points.

Edge treatment:

Concave and convex aluminium edge profiles with integrated quad-lip gasket.

Track finish:

Polyester powder coated to RAL 9010.

Smoke control:

Performance test in line with DIN EN 1634-3.


Clear height:

2000–14500 mm.

Panel finish:

Three surface finish collections are available:

- Classic collection (high quality, impact and scratch resistant decorative finishes):

  • Solid colours: Aluminium light, Beige, Black, Bordeaux, Cappuccino, Cream I, Cream II, Jade green, Lavender blue, Macchiato, Pearl grey I, Pearl grey II, Pearl grey III, Polar white, Super white, Terracotta, White.
  • Wood reproductions: Birch, Dark cherry, Maple, Oak odessa, Olive, Planked beech, Walnut light, Walnut dark, Wenge.

- Design collection:

  • Wood veneers: American ash, American cherry, American oak, American walnut, Birch, Birdseye maple, Canadian maple, European cherry, European maple, French walnut, Macore, Mahogany, Steamed beech, Swiss pear, Wenge.
  • Metal décors: Aluminium décor, Stainless steel décor.
  • Sheet steel, painted: RAL colour range.

- Functional collection:

  • Magnetic – suitable for writing on with chalk: Magnetic black, Magnetic green.
  • Magnetic – suitable for writing on with marker pen: Magnetic grey, Magnetic white.
  • Projection surfaces: Magnetic grey, Magnetic white.
  • Plain surface suitable for painting and wallpapering.


- SmartTrack:

Steel track system for large element heights and high weights, with special mechanical coding in the carriers, plus curves and switches for maximum operating ease and effortless positioning of the elements, without electrical, pneumatic or mechanical actuation.

- Type R:

Track system for right-angled configurations with cross-roller carriers for maximum possible layout variability. Suitable for weights up to 500 kg per element. Support rollers in the junctions guarantee simple operation when sliding elements across intersections.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-25-28/370 Sliding stacking panel partitions

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



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Product reference

[Dorma Variflex 100 Moveable Wall]
100 mm thickness.
[Dorma Variflex 120 Moveable Wall]
120 mm thickness.


[As drawing]
[As schedule]


 - Number:
[ ______ ]
 - Width:
[ ______ ]
 - Finish:
[ ______ ]

Acoustic insulation (Rw, minimum)

[38 dB]
[44 dB]
[49 dB]
[52 dB]
[55 dB]
[57 dB]
[58 dB]
[59 dB]
[60 dB]

Element type

[90° corner]
[Flush telescopic]
[Overlapping thrust unit]
[Sloped for non-load bearing ceilings and structures]
[Vision element]

Pass door

 - Type:
[Not required]
[Full height single]
 - Vision panel:
[Not applicable]
[Not required]

Parking arrangement

Single-point suspension system, 90° to partition axis.
Two-point suspension system, 90° to partition axis.
Two-point suspension system, parallel to partition axis.
Two-point suspension system, 90° to partition axis, in several stacks.
Two-point suspension system, 90° to partition axis, in single stack.
Two-point suspension system, 90° to partition axis, parked in a row arrangement.

Track system

[Type R]

Edge treatment

[Aluminium protective casement edging (U)]
[Visible surface edging (K)]

Manufacturer details

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Consort House,
Princes Road,
Dorset, BH22 9JG
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