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The Ballorex Dynamic valve is a combined pressure independent flow limiter, and a control valve which maintains a constant flow independently of pressure changes in heating or cooling systems.

Installed with an actuator, the product combines an automatic flow limiter and a two-way control valve. Offering full control authority, the valve reacts instantly and adjusts the flow according to the Building Management System (BMS) or room thermostat signal.

Without the actuator, the product works as an automatic flow limiter, which ensures the design flow in terminal units. It also prevents overflows in the system at any time.

The range includes:

  • 902S Ballorex Venturi DZR dynamic valve, excluding actuator, ISO 7/1 parallel threads.
  • 902XS Ballorex dynamic commissioning valve.
  • XT902S Ballorex DZR dynamic valve, no actuator. XPress press end x Tectite push end for copper, carbon steel and stainless steel pipework. Direct flow measuring.

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90-10-90/410 Pressure regulating valves

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