A cold-setting, self-adhesive waterproofing sheet, designed for vertical and horizontal exterior and interior surfaces.


  • Consist of a combination of a four-ply cross-laminated special HDPE sheet and a sealing and adhesive layer of bitumen rubber.
  • Laid straight from the roll, the material safely bridges any cracks in walls or floors.
  • Extremely flexible and protects against driving rain immediately after it has been glued on.


  • No curing or drying time is required, so that protection, drainage, and/ or perimeter insulation layers may be installed and the excavation filled up immediately after Delta®-Thene has been applied.
  • Combined with Delta®-Terraxx protection and drainage sheets, Delta®-Thene forms a complete high-quality waterproofing, protection, and drainage system that can be installed with considerable savings in time.
  • Connections between the material and plastic windows or doors are unproblematic.
  • Any damage caused in the Delta®-Thene layer by subsequent activities may be easily repaired by gluing on a patch.
  • Floor-heating coils or pipes laid out on a Delta®-Thene surface may be held in place with strips cut from the self-adhesive sheet.
  • Connections to most types of plastic damp-proof courses can be made without the need for a primer. However, contact surfaces must always be clean, bitumen-resistant, and free from dust.

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Standard product features


1.5 mm.

Roll width:

1000 mm.


1.6 kg/m².

Service temperature range:

-30°C to +80°C.

Sd value (minimum):

400 m.

NBS Specification

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45-65-50/304 Bitumen sheets

Product specification

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Delta Membrane Systems Ltd


+44 (0)1992 523523

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Butyl rubber tape.
[Delta®-thene Grundanstrich]
Primer and base coat for mineral substrates.
[Delta®-thene Kältegrundanstrich]
Cold weather primer for temperatures down to -5°C.
[Delta®-thene-band T 300]
300 mm wide detailing strips.

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Delta House,
Merlin Way,
North Weald,
Essex, CM16 6HR
Tel +44 (0)1992 523523
Fax +44 (0)1992 523250
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